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Secondary teaching specialist areas and prerequisites, How to apply for a postgraduate education course, English language requirements for Bachelor of Education (Honours), English language requirements for postgraduate courses, Vocational institutions, undergraduate degrees: distinction or inequality, Data-smart schools: enhancing the use of digital data in secondary schools, Making a digital difference? Five principles of integration: policies and inclusion COMPAS Communications 27/11/2012. are a few ways to lead with Equality in your business. Five experts in the field share a key principle of what defines an inclusive education. They are flexible and ready for a challenge. Our leaders actively encourage best-practice sharing and recognize the progress we are making towards our goals in one-to-one conversations, company-wide meetings and informal gatherings. Seeking the perspectives of students ensures they make a meaningful contribution to their schooling and educational experience. We aim to influence how budgets are made, how dollars are allocated, how boards are built, and how folks are hired by requiring a racial equity lens for each. They bring us closer to our colleagues in a relaxing and fun setting. We invite others to sign on to the following principles, committing to a new vision for movement building in 2020: The Donors of Color Network is focused on building power in communities of color nationally. 한국어 Mellody Hobson TED Talk - Color blind or color brave? While diversity can cover a range of areas, as mentioned above, the requirements for greater diversity vary across countries and even within companies and leadership teams. Teachers must be fully committed to include all learners. 5 O'Brien accomplishments These strengths, as well as a student’s specific needs, should be placed at the centre of curriculum planning and implementation. They recognise each student has inherent strengths and talents. Authorised by the Director, People and Wellbeing. All team members undergo training to ensure they understand the appropriate tone and behaviors for internal collaboration and can navigate changing workforce dynamics and demographics. �h0�8�� pM=��`Z����������\Aq �n*�2��,��@�Id`�'�fƓ@r&�1�7�?N�'10Dv��^� ����ˎQ���t��hFv6%�S��xz�4#�����t�!E6�� �10��˲5 )U6�0�bƇ ��>/Metadata 35 0 R/Outlines 102 0 R/Pages 259 0 R/StructTreeRoot 106 0 R/Type/Catalog/ViewerPreferences<>>> endobj 263 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/StructParents 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 264 0 obj <>stream %%EOF 5. As a leader, be mindful of the way your team celebrates and bonds. Maintained by: Monash Education Webmaster Team. Often, without realizing Celebration and team bonding activities are important parts of our culture and life at work. While defining goals for workforce diversity is a crucial first step, we have found that an inclusive mindset — starting with senior leaders — acts as the real driver of change. Preparing to teach in inclusive classrooms. “I think particularly for people that are in management positions, it’s very important to create that environment where people feel like they can actually use their voice. Leaders should practice these steps to make Google conducted a study, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team (see the Resources section of this unit), that identified two behaviors that all good teams generally shared. meetings a more inclusive experience for all. Strength-based approaches are a key principle of inclusive education. In a recent blogpost here, Sarah Spencer commented on the new OSCE Ljubljana guidelines on the integration of national minorities. Inclusive Education: Perspectives, Practices and Challenges. Inclusive educators are those who draw on the knowledge and experiences of their students. 318 0 obj <>stream Salesforce’s 2017 Dreamforce Equality Summit - Mellody Hobson, McKinsey Study: Delivering Through Diversity, What Google Learned From Its Quest to Build the Perfect Team, Kellogg Study: Better Decisions Through Diversity. 294 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<6DF24210CB864DE4B726C81D0EEA7F42><0C16A1BF09A7E245B79A3FA723B059F3>]/Index[261 58]/Info 260 0 R/Length 142/Prev 408212/Root 262 0 R/Size 319/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream Integrate Equality into everything you do. it, we leave people out because of the nature or time of the social activity. Some of the principles include: How… Read More › Rights-based approaches require a high degree of participation by communities, civil society, minorities, women, young people, indigenous peoples and other identified groups.

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