Description The perfect upgrade for your 6 screw synchronized tremolo guitar. The advantage is generally seen as less friction, as there is less contact between trem and mounting. These could be bolts or screws. A two point tremolo has two mounting points that attach it to the guitar’s body. In turn , the two point tremolo is a floating or pivoting type. The Strat trem continues to be extremely popular with guitarists and was updated in 1986 when Fender moved from a six-point bridge attachment method (i.e. We've spent a lot of time perfecting the fulcrum points on this tremolo system so that they will maintain their strength while still being buttery smooth and super accurate. A six screw has six screws holding it in place. It's all about how you set it up. wrong! 6 screw trems can be set to float, and 2 points can be set to be dive only. Solid stainless steel … To clarify, the vintage style six screw tremolo bridge is a rocking type of bridge. Because of the mechanical friction difference, they both act the same on the strings, but with a real difference in feel. 6 screws are down-only, while 2 screws can be set up floating. six screws are drilled into the body to attach the bridge) to a two-point bridge system where two posts are drilled into the body.

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