I look forward to your cookbook. I hope you’ll get to see your MIL soon. Have you tried making yours in a kitchen oven? Some of the special delicacies enjoyed with…, KABOB KOOBIDEH | GRILLED MINCED MEAT KABOB, Yields 10 kabobs. grill(?) Grate the onion (See Note 1) and place onion in a sieve set over a bowl to drain. This is my husband and I’s new favorite recipe! We love it with the tzatziki recipe, too! I found the meat on a stick to be very bland. ( Felt much too lethargic for all that!) For the chicken koobideh, I would suggest using a combination of breast meat and thigh meat and coarsely grounding them in a food processor with a small onion until it is sticking. It is wonderful to hear from you dear Soo! Roll up the edges to create a round, hat-shaped ravioli. Shar, sumac has an amazing sour taste, not quite as sour as dried limes or dried sour grapes (don’t know if you have tried any of these spices). By the way, I love your blog, love the step by step instructions and the mouth-watering photos. I promise you every grocery store in the Bay carries it. For someone who has never had sumac I would describe it as that sourness when you first put a sour patch candy in your mouth, but without the sweetness . Amount is based on available nutrient data. It is my first time so I am still in the initiation period Lol! Once all flatten to about 1/2inch or less thickness, he cuts it up length ways like a kebab, removes the plastic. These days grinding the meat is a very good idea! Dear Brisa, it is wonderful to hear that you’re finding my recipes useful. Not sure if it’s a texture difference but we used all ground beef, and look and taste was perfectly good. I have never seen it in any other recipes. You could leave it out of the mixture without drastically changing the flavor or texture of your kabobs. I wanted to tell you that I tried your recipe and the flavor was exactly as what I’ve had at the restaurants. Crush saffron with a mortar and pestle, then add 1 tbsp. Leave a few inches from the tip and handle section of the skewer clear for grilling. Dear Fatima, Sorry to hear that, I know how frustrating that must have been There are many factors in making kabob koobideh that I have mentioned in the illustrated part of this post and in the printable recipe. If so where can I buy it? All the juice should be squeezed out of the finely processed onion, you should have only fine pulp left. It was juicy and delicious but not a nice intact koobideh… so I moved the 9 skewers to our stove and used the oven broiler , second rack, for about 7 min on each side and it turned out beautifully. Required fields are marked *. Get one of the balls of meat in the palm of your hand, place the skewer on top of it and squeeze the meat around the skewer. Kneading the mixture as you say for a “few minutes” is key. An excellent dish that was a LOT of fun to make. Pay special attention to the way the ends of kabobs are formed to make sure the don't peal back during cooking. Thanks for the lovely review Lilia! Noon, or nan, means bread in Farsi. The butter! Hi Homa! I miss this kind of food. Hello Marie; it’s wonderful to read about your exciting party. I know exactly what you mean about missing loved ones and their home cooking I hope you’ll find more of your favorite foods here. If there is enough grilling surface start grilling the veggies first and halfway through grilling, start the kabobs. I’m going to try to make the flat bread this time. 2/9/15 update - I've made this many times now and while I love the recipe as written I've found that I prefer to use Basil in place of Mint. I really liked this dish. Hello Homa, one question regarding chilo kabab, you say that the beef temperature should be 160 F, when ever i am trying to reach that temperature while doing BBQ(on Gas Grill), the kabab gets dry.Can you please advise how it would be possible that the kabab should reach to the desire temp and will not get dry.Also when start grilling how long the kabob should be on the grill. It’s a great recipe that’s easy to make. On your sight, Will that work as a seasonings on (beef oNly) kabob koobideh? It should not be pink inside, but still very juicy.

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