In the following paragraph, we will describe this application in detail. Ammonium sulphate fertilizer is a widely used, inorganic soil supplement that has particular benefits when applied to alkaline soils. 7783-18-8 AMMONIUM THIOSULFATE Toxicity for oral ingestion of ammonium thiosulfate is slight because ammonium is readily excreted in urine. From an agronomic point of view, I can think of a couple of advantages of ammonium sulfate (21-0-0-24S) when compared to ammonium thiosulfate solution (12-0-0-26S): Ammonium thiosulfate is a preferred source of sulfur in clear solution fertilizers because it allows for much higher nutrient analysis in finished blends than ammonium sulfate. substituting ammonium sulfate for ATS in blending with UAN solution. Ammonium Thiosulfate is a nitrification inhibitor, reducing nitrogen loss by inhibiting or slowing the nitrification process of ammonium (NH4 ) converting to nitrate (NO3 ). Depending on the application, ammonium thiosulfate can be used as a fertilizer for plant cultivations such as rape, maize or grain. The active ingredients in it are nitrogen and sulfur.Correct use of this fertilizer maintains healthy nitrogen levels in the soil and, in the case of alkaline soils, helps to maintain a good pH balance. Ammonium sulfate and ammonium thiosulfate, also known as ATS, are both very common nitrogen and sulfur sources in the dry and liquid fertilizer markets. It is used in the leaching of gold and silver, as a fertilizer and as a photographic fixing salt.It has a role as a fertilizer, a herbicide safener, a bleaching agent and a reducing agent. Use of ammonium thiosulfate (NH 4) 2 S 2 O 3 (CAS-No. Crop quality and better yield can be generated by supplying essential sulfur via Ammonium Thiosulfate fertilizer. Page 4 of 7 7783-18-8) in agriculture Ammonium sulfate (i.e. First-aid measures The report on Ammonium Thiosulfate Fertilizer Market offers in-depth analysis on market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities etc. Thiosulfuric acid diammonium salt Ammonium thiosulfate 7783-187-8 231-982-0 50-60 Diazanium sulfate Ammonium sulfate 7783-20-2 231-984-1 0-9 Ammonium sulfite Ammonium sulfite 10196-04-0 233-484-9 0.1 - 54 Water Water 7732-18-5 231-791-2 Remaining % Other components below reportable levels 4. for the forecast years. Along with qualitative information, this report include the quantitative analysis of various segments in terms of market share, growth, opportunity analysis, market value, etc. The ammonium salt is basic and may be irritating to corrosive tissues depending on the concentration. Ammonium thiosulfate is an inorganic ammonium salt composed of ammonium and thiosulfate ions in a 2:1 ratio. Ammonium sulfate has more sulfur availability than ammonium thiosulfate. 8-0-0-9S solution and 21-

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