Both bats are 32/22. No doubt, we do have incentives. Barrel Material: Full Composite. the Prism was the most like the CF. if you still can't make your mind to what bat to choose read this final verdict about each bat. They definitely break often. It has been a struggle for her to get acclimated to the LXT, and after 3 months it had some pieces come loose on the inside. It is also very good bat with great features. We don’t profess to be the end all be all in determining bat performance. For sure, that’s one of our favorite Fastpitch bats. They have the same handle and, as far a we can tell with the sizing we have, a very similar barrel profile. if you want a perfect and popular bat at the same time go for this one. Further, we’d spend considerable time hashing out particulars of many of the bats we used with those who used it and those who manufactured it. You’ll also find the raw exit speeds, when we finish those here shortly, on our raw exit speed data test. Thanks for noticing. There is not a single manufacturer except DeMarini, who makes slowpitch softball bat with heat-treated steel with the help of the Carburizing process. The most unique feature of this bat is that it is made with hard steel and this is what made it so popular among Slowpitch Softball players. Not that we can’t test and measure things scientifically, but hitting, at its core, is much more an art than it is a science. All Rights Reserved. Though, this bat is one of the best ASA slowpitch softball bats still it has few disadvantages you need to know. Easton Ghost 2020 Double barrel is already very popular Fastpitch softball bat. That thing consistently performs as well as any other fastpitch on the market. h�b```f``Rb`a`�5f`@ �r �X2Oe�ɤ���|�)�՗)���v�@)!�8\����f&��b�- ��n��� All bats in USA Softball Championship Play, except Seniors, must pass the ASA Bat Performance Standard. Now coming to its construction, its barrel is made with full-composite and is 12 inches in length and 2 ¼ inches in diameter. Softball. eBay searches for the 2016 LXT Plus from Slugger are plentiful. There are many good options from the 11 performance softball bats we extensively tested for 2020. The Mizuno fastpitch softball bats have always been great and more innovative then the eell known brands! Which one was actually the front runner? Miken Freak Platinum is 0.5 oz end-loaded and people swinging a balanced bat also love it. Now coming to our best fastpitch softball bats, in this list we have added only top 3 picks which are as follows: Easton Ghost double barrel, Demarini CF Zen and Louisville slugger LXT  2020. for more information about Fastpitch softball bats you may check out our complete list of Fastpitch bats. The 2020 DeMarini CF is the best fastpitch softball bat for 2020. You mentioned the drop on the various test bats in this review. Here is another Slowpitch softball bat that is approved for ASA and USSSA stamp as well. In the meantime, we think our 2020 rankings below still hold true. NCAA Approved Softball Bat List July 8, 2019. It is a two piece composite construction. The alloy handle provide it stiffer feel and two-piece construction prevents stinging and provides smoother hits. Also, here is a photo guide for the popular Ghost Bat: LEGAL GHOST BAT NON-APPROVED GHOST BAT 2020 VERSION OF LEGAL GHOST BAT. This committee makes recommendations to USA Softball's council comprised of USA Softball commissioners, select youth and player representatives, umpire-in-chiefs, elite athletes and other affiliated members. If you ask me to perfectly define this ASA slowpitch softball bat is one line, I would say it is the Hottest ASA Slowpitch Softball bat of 2019. The council is the ultimate decision maker of USA Softball rules and regulations regarding equipment. Unlike other top 2 best softball bats of fastpitch, this one is not game ready. Many of those searches turn up used bats—the history of which is often questionable. Maxload end load with is about 0.5 oz on the top of the bat. I do not recommend the Demarini Prism. Also, we study every available review we can find online or elsewhere. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest Company. If you ask me to perfectly define this ASA slowpitch softball bat is one line, I would say it is the Hottest ASA Slowpitch Softball bat of 2019. Our hitters REALLY liked the 2020 Mizuno Carbon 1. Of course, that’s a pretty broad guess. We are among them. Almost always, the hitter had multiple fastpitch bats at their disposal. As well, we’d be comfortable stating, and nearly every player would have success with this bat. Did you plan to review the Easton ghost? Apparently, something went psycho on our backend server for a little bit. Highly recommendable for sure. Just Bat Reviews, LLC DBA Bat Digest participate in affiliate marketing programs including but not limited to Amazon and eBay. It simply means that all of the Fastpitch bats come with dual stamps, It has both of the stamps ASA and USSSA as well. Hope you test it. Which means it is not hot right out of the wrapper, It will need 50-200 hits of break-in period. Learn More. Other merits of this one of the best softball bats is that it has great pop, very nice hitting sound, almost no vibration quite similar as other 2 bats. Since it is very hot bat of 2019 we still have to find a bat that outperforms this one in 2020 and we will update this list then. It is also featured with a bigger barrel along with a huge sweet spot. We just purchased a 2019 LXT drop 12 hoping it will help in her late swings…we shall see. Unlike Miken DC-41 Demarini One OG has the dual stamp on a single bat, which means it can be used for both leagues. Here is another ASA approved slowpitch softball bat that is already very popular and needs not much introduction.

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