With the adoption of the Common Core curriculum, a new topic added to Algebra 2 is sequences. Step Functio, This riddle activity has students practice identifying arithmetic sequences, finding rules for sequences and using the rules to find future terms in the sequence. Knowledge of relevant formulae is a prerequisite to evaluate the sum of an arithmetic series and determine the number of terms. Slope Intercept Form This ready-to-set use set of task cards is ideal for practice and review of Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences (HSF.BF.A.2.). Students will need to use the arithmetic sequence term formula and sum formula to solve the problems. Set of Foldables AND Worksheets/Bin, This Algebra Common Core Unit Test will help you assess your students’ understanding of linear functions and arithmetic sequences in algebra 1. Students will need to use the arithmetic sequence term formula and sum formula to solve the problems. There are 4 practices, a mixed practice and a 10 question quiz. Then you can assign to your students using Google Classroom or some other method. Gingerbread activity has one geometric sequence question and gingerbread house activity has more geometric and arithmetic sequence questions. Includes: Arithmetic Sequence Word Problem - Displaying top 8 worksheets found for this concept. Modeling Justify why a sequence is or is not arithmetic. This activity contains 12 arithmetic sequence word problems. These notes focus on looking at arithmetic sequences in multiple forms (pictorial, list, table, graph, word problem) and identify different terms, common difference, and proper notation. Students will work through 14 task cards each containing a word problem relating to an arithmetic sequence. - 3 printable worksheets with 4 word problems each or Arithmetic Sequence Word Problems Worksheets - Lesson ... Arithmetic Sequence - Hard Problem - Sum of middle three and last three terms are given - Duration: 8:43. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? 5.12 ARITHMETIC AND GEOMETRIC SEQUENCE WORD PROBLEM EXAMPLES All final solutions MUST use the formula. Linear Relationships Modeling They come up to get a problem, work on it together, and return it and get a new one when they're done. I usually have the students work in pairs for this activity. A few of the problems require students do to a system of equations to solve. Task cards are fantastic for scavenger hunts, races and differentiation. Individual she, Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences Activity Word Problem Task Cards, Algebra 1 Activities notes projects bundle, Arithmetic Sequence Word Problems Around the World Activity, Arithmetic Sequences and Series - Word Problems, Arithmetic and Geometric Sequence Word Problems, Arithmetic Sequence Word Problem Template, Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences - Guided Notes, Pre-Algebra / 8th Grade Math Bundle (Notes, Activities, Word Wall, Etc), LINEAR FUNCTIONS and ARITHMETIC SEQUENCES Unit Test CC Algebra 1, Google Forms™ Quiz - Solving Linear Word Problems - 7.EE.4a, Google Forms™ Quiz Entire Year 7th Grade Bundle - Distance Learning, Arithmetic Sequences Notes - Recursive Rule, Write Linear Equation-Word Problems-ONLY Initial Value &Slope |Distance Learning, Write Linear Word Problems "Slow It Down" BUNDLE | Digital - Distance Learning, Arithmetic Sequences Notes - Explicit Rule, Write Linear Equations - Word Problems ONLY in Standard Form | Distance Learning, Write Linear Equation-Word Problems-Rate of Change & 1 Point | Distance Learning, Write Linear Equations Word Problems Given ONLY Two Points | Distance Learning, Word Problems with 2-Step Equations NOTES & PRACTICE, 7th Grade Math: Expressions & Equations UNIT BUNDLE, Arithmetic Sequences Notes - Introduction.

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