It features simple controls, player and ring customization, a progression system, social features, and more. Many fans of EA games know what to expect with that. You can play classic Street Fighter games with an SNES emulator, Soul Calibur on a PlayStation emulator, or King of Fighters on SEGA emulators. Top 10 Best Fighting Games for iOS/Android in 2020 - YouTube The player’s team equipped with different weapons that he can use against opposing team and beat them to unlock achievements. The game focuses on getting around your opponent's defenses and breaking their guard. The link above takes you to SNK’s developer page to see their full lineup. This game is based upon the Ninja and Martial arts fighting theme. During the exploration, the protagonist needs to build a close relationship with his companions, including a member named as Aerith Gainsborough, who has a secret to save the world. The gameplay of the game is consists of several levels, and each level of the game offers different and challenging gameplay. Most of them also have controller support, save and load states, support for cheat codes, and other features. The game provides immersive and quite addictive gameplay, well-written storyline, superb game controls and brilliant graphics details. Here are some more excellent Android games! The game features the hack and slash elements and lets you cut your foes into several pieces using your unique abilities and earn points. Each character has its unique weapons, skills, and abilities. The antagonist opens a portal to hell and invites the beats to serve as her minions to threaten the environment, and capture innocents in the magical Island of Avalon. The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is one of the newer fighting games on the list comparatively speaking. The full game features a decent selection of characters and actual fighting mechanics. Then you have some of the crazier weapons like scythes, double-bladed swords, giant chakrams, etc. With a bunch of different enemies, boss battles, PvP and PvE events and amazing combat system, Taichi Panda let you engage yourself into amazing action packed game-play in which you’ll have to defeat your enemies using melee tactics and weapons, crawl through some dungeons and enjoy the game. Mage and Minions offer exciting features, brilliant gameplay, wonderful mechanics, and superb controls. With an intense story and game-play, brilliant visuals and all the wonderful things combined, Blood and Glory 2: Legend is one of the most popular and great alternative to Dungeon Hunter. You must defeat all the enemies in order to reach down to the Emperor, kill him after a series of bloody battles, and save the world from an eternal darkness that will leave no corner un touched. Welcome to medieval battle simulator “Samurai Ninja Warrior - Sword Fighting Games” which is a new sword games of 2020. Ghost Rider is an Action Hack and Slash, and Single-player video game produced by Climax Group and published by 2K Games. We have John NESS (SNES and NES) linked at the button or our full list of the best emulators here. The player needs to select his character and participate in battles where he has to compete against enemies to loot their resources and complete the challenging quests. The game offers four different character classes, and each class of the game offers different abilities and playing style. Most of the game part takes place in the sea environment, and your primary objective is to fight against enemies from a third-person perspective, use bow and sword to take down them and earn experience. Punch Boxing 3D is the first of a few boxing games on this list. The game supports Single-player mode only and takes place in the fantasy-based world. Dungeon Hunter 4 is an Action Role-playing, Hack and Slash and Single and Multiplayer video game developed and published by Gameloft for Windows, Android and iOS platforms. Want something basic, stick to the medieval broadsword. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy it. The game takes place in the historical time and introduces more than forty legendary heroes with unique abilities, play style, and personality. The player can equip his hero with the best tools, gear and fight to rank up and earn rewards. You can also earn money by fighting with your enemies and completing your tasks in multiplayer equipment system. It lets you a chance to become a hero and save your world from demons and monsters. Build your team of armies and participate in battle to fulfill the requirements of your ancestors. The game is the stand alone Expansion Pack to the original Action-RPG game Mount and Blade. They’re all rock solid retro fighters with single purchase prices and no in-app purchases. The graphics are alright and the controls seem to function as intended. Free Exploration, Boss Battles, Vicious Combat, Next-generation Graphics, and more. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed includes prominent features such as Action-packed Battles, Unite the Three Kingdoms, 50 Characters, PvP Mode, and more. Like other MMORPGs, the player can team-up with other players around the globe and can fight against massive bosses to take down them. However, it’s not a bad way to spend five minutes at a time.

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