Later, Jack Sparrow had Angelica tied up aboard a row boat as he took her to Sola Fide Beach. This was possibly due in part to the hot climate of the Caribbean, and the large amount of time spent on deck of various ships–though it should be noted he seemed fairly sure-footed onboard a ship. He gives Jack the ring and then takes him to Isle Hermosa. Blackbeard then tried to attack Sparrow, but staggered, being stuck standing in the same spot. As the sun sank below the horizon, the ship returned to the world of the living at sunrise; the ship had literally been turned upside down to pass between dimensions, going from the bottom of the sea, and floating all the way to the top. Jack's seemingly-perpetual drunkenness may have been the cause of his slurred speech. Jack boards the Barnacle to take off a Royal Navy flag and to sail away when Fitzwilliam shows up and they then battle rapidly back and forth. He picked a few of them to come with him while leaving the rest behind. Confused, mostly because of Jack not telling exactly what to look for, the crew of the Black Pearl agreed to sail off to search for the key and what the key might unlock.[4]. The flintlock pistol had its own notability; the handle was filigreed with silver for a decorative effect and the butt end could just as easily be used as a club. Survival horror game set during season 7 of The X-Files (1993). Swashbuckle through the world of pirates and relive the adventure of the film. Sailing a fine line between piratical genius and mercurial madness, Jack had an enemy in every port. While they danced, Jack told Angelica that they could go to the Fountain of Youth together and have equal shares of fame in exchange for knowledge of the Profane Ritual. More or less raised by himself, and always wanting to learn about the world, Jack developed a taste for reading poetry, history, and biographies of notable persons from the past. With a ship and a crew, not to mention part of the treasure of Stone-Eyed Sam, a now-dead former pirate king with a fabled stone eye who was said to be holding the Sword, Captain Jack Sparrow set off to find the elusive Sword of Cortés. Later, Jack had Scrum play a romantic tone on the mandola as Angelica arrived on deck. In exchange for the resurrection of the Wicked Wench, Jack promised to give up his position as captain of the Wicked Wench in thirteen years time so as to serve for a century aboard Jones' ship, the Flying Dutchman. In the story's epilogue, Jack gets a new boat, which is only large enough for one or two people, and sets sail for a new treasure.[11]. He had spent most of his youth unsure whether Edward Teague was really his parent, frequently referring to him as "The-Man-Who-Might-Be-Father". Sparrow won, through a mixture of skill and pirate trickery, but Turner refused to stand down. any Comic Vine content. Jack thought that none of them were loaded, until he fired a loaded pistol into air. The cursed pirates were easily defeated and their ship was heavily damaged by the cannon fire from the Pearl. Led by Barbossa, the crew marooned Jack on a desert island with nothing more than a flintlock pistol with a single shot for him to kill himself. Barbossa and Blackbeard both pulled out their swords and ordered their crews to attack. With the rumrunners no longer operational, Jack had no plan of escape. Following this, Jack returned to New Orleans, where he was confronted for a final time by Madame Minuit, Silverback and Louis, who merged to form a giant, three-headed serpent that Jack barely managed to defeat. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. Jack was unable to do much to Salazar without harming Henry in the process. [4], With that, the captain went down with his ship, and Davy Jones considered his debt settled. Angelica promised Jack that he would get to choose any of the ships but stated she knew the one he'd choose.

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