from $72.75, 1 new Next, check the distance between the stationary part of the shuttle and the pin that comes out of the front of your machine. Tip It works with batteries or a power supply. Remove all the cut thread bits, open the bobbin holder cover making sure nothing is left in the bobbin case or around it. By: Posted: Helped with myBrother XR7700, 6 years ago You rock. And i do need to get same size bobbins the ones i have been buying lately are not as tall. A metric hex key set (if your machine happens to use it. You will need: By: 48 ATLANTIC HWY US Route 1, NOBLEBORO ME, 04555, North & South American Region - Distributors, Eastern European (CIS) Region - Distributor, Asian & Middle Eastern Region - Distributor. A much better alternative to use my beloved (and expensive) Janome 6600P. Only move your tension a little at a time. Just got my Babylock Coronet working again after breaking a needle - thanks for the great tutorial! A common issue with bobbin threads breaking when using a Singer sewing machine may be caused if the bobbin case is not threaded correctly. 11. So here is another problem: But in the meantime, I bought a stand alone bobbin winder called Sidewinder. I only recommend products I believe in and use myself. Unwind the bobbin if you can not remove it from the winder, If everything is correct but you still have a glob in the center or tapered ends you can, First, check if you used a bobbin that has been, The bobbin thread & top thread need to be. Thank you for any help.. Check out more step-by-step tutorials from my site and don’t forget to share! Question 1 2 3 Next Last. Read how we use cookies and how you can control them in our "Cookie Settings". There could be several reasons why your bobbin and the bobbin case will not stay in the machine (if you have a top-loaded machine). When you put a screw driver in the slot, it can be turned out of the way, so you can get the bobbin case out… The shuttle race part that is supposed to be stationary, is not stationary and the needle keeps hitting it. Pull the needle out carefully and set it aside. If the thread has knots and loose fibers coming out change the thread. We use cookies to offer you a better browsing experience, analyze site traffic, personalize content, and serve targeted ads. Clean the bobbin case, underneath the throat plate, along the thread path. Sometimes birdnesting happens not at the beginning but in the middle of stitching. 6. Bobbin keeps popping out. The Bobbin Case 2. 1 new It should be held in place by a prong coming out of the machine. The Shuttle Race/Shuttle Hook The Shuttle Race is made of 2 parts. If you don’t use one, your thread spool may spin too quickly or the thread might snag. Here is a link to Amazon for Sidewinder, the models might be slightly different than the one I am using. Posted: Mar 12 2014 By: cmh. 5. on Step 6. A screw driver 2 years ago The dust is supposed to go outside, not further inside the machine. It may be quite difficult. DEALERS. The Singer Simple model is designed for the beginning sewer. This is often called “birdnesting” when the thread bunches up on the top or on the underside of your fabric like in this image. Does it go through the thread guide? Everybody does this from time to time, especially with heavy fabric. It’s not perfect, it doesn’t wind bobbins evenly sometimes but still, I wind bunches of bobbins and have them ready ahead of time. It might be all screws). The Shuttle Race/Shuttle Hook 10. If you want to find out the problem consider the following. One minute, the machine is sewing just fine, and the next, your machine has locked up and you see thread bunching under your fabric. It can even end up under the bobbin case. Oct 14 2009 There are 2 main parts that I will be talking about today 1. I am wondering why when i get thread in bobbin an pulled up after i sew some thread comes out of place in bobbin holder so i have take out an put it in right place again. The most likely reason for thread bunching, in this case, is lint, that built up inside your sewing machine. The thread might be so tightly wound on the bobbin as to prevent its removal from the winder. It can happen when the bobbin case is not properly/securely placed. This means I will receive a commission if you order a product through one of my links. Two extra tips that I found helpful: 1. The part on the inside is stationary, and the part around the outside rotates and grabs the thread as you sew (aka. It varies between machines, but should be somewhere around 1/16" or less. To avoid this problem, you can either hold the thread ends until you have sewn a couple of stitches or always make sure that your thread tails are at least three inches long before you begin sewing. So, always use a spool cap, especially if you have a horizontal spool pin to avoid bunching or looping thread. I had to back out the pin/prong that keeps the inner race from spinning in order to get enough room to pull the shuttle forward much closer to the needle. Replacing the bobbin case after changing the thread spool gets you back to sewing. You really just want enough of an opening do the thread can come up through after going around the bobbin. It helped me with the timing of my Adler 69, especially your note regarding the "prong coming out of the machine" which should hold the inside of the shuttle stay stationary. from $26.02, 1 used from $16.29, 1 new Verify if your bobbin is threaded and inserted correctly. There’s a triangle shaped metal piece in the bobbin area, on the left side. I found this video helpful too. If you do need to adjust the distance of the pin, there should be a bolt underneath the machine you can loosen. 1. 1 year ago Again, you may have to carefully turn the wheel to get access to the bolts, but be sure the shuttle is turning with you.

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