Along with mixing styles, a simple way to jump into bohemian design is by contrasting old and new. A brightly palm printed wallpaper with mid-century table lamps and a Moroccan wedding blanket in the bedroom. And then, there’s wicker. Oh, the rugs! In woven, terra-cotta, or patterned ceramic planters, these are yet another decor item to fill up space. “It looks good, it’s good for the spirit, and it’s good for the planet.”. Not a problem! Warm and earthy tones make the perfect canvas, and opting for a neutral base allows you to pile up expressive color and pattern for the perfect mix without it being painfully overbearing and loud. Things don’t have to match; in fact, they shouldn’t! Also, feel free to mix fabric patterns and textures, and make use of layering to capture the boho vibe. Ikat and Shibori patterns whose dyeing techniques give a more blurred effect. How do you get started? Plants also do double duty of purifying air while adding a pop of color without interfering too much with the rest of your design and confusing the eye. Handmade decor also supports local artisans and small entrepreneurs so it’s a win-win! Boho Chic interiors combines tropical, nautical and Bohemian themes in an artistic way that brings out the true beauty of Florida homes. Art, books, sculptures, pillows, lamps all function in making the boho space feel inviting, cozy and a conversation starter. For a little whimsy, create a cozy reading corner with a hanging wicker chair. Lanterns and lights featuring Moroccan design are also sure to add an interesting bohemian style focal point, and when hung low, they’ll also work to add comfort and visual interest for your bohemian house decor. Not a fan of overly saturated color? Without hard and fast rules, what is random, colorful, and full of personality is a clear indication that you’re well on your way to a boho interior design home. Scour local antique stores and markets (which are great for eclectic decor ideas on a budget) for comfortable, time-worn, and well loved furnishings to complete a smart bohemian style living room that’s perfect for entertaining. The most important of these is wood. Textiles like rugs, cushions, and throws are fun to mix and match using different patterns, shapes, and scales. While there are no rules in bohemian interior design style, bold patterns and colors are readily welcomed. If consistency is desired, have a color theme in mind. Gypsy style conjures up images of beads, tassels, fringes, sequined fabrics, canopies; blatant adornment that is typical in bohemian interior design. Natural touches can also show up like leather poufs, cowhide rugs, and of course, let’s not forget…plants! Fill every physical space in your bohemian interior. The presence of greenery, too, is uplifting and offers the connection to nature that a bohemian interior inspires. For walls, darker, deep hues offer an instant luxurious feel while more daring colors like a bright blue orange invite a bazaar-like look, especially when peppered with other rich colors and patterns. That said, do keep a consistent color theme running throughout for consistency and to prevent a disjointed feel. For these smaller items, simply: throw them together, tweak placements a bit, and allow for a little perfectly imperfect look. Modern boho living room design by Decorilla interior designer, Gwendolyn G. And then there are rugs. Consider sourcing a deep hued Moroccan bed spread for bohemian style bedroom decor and contrast it with bright linens for bohemian style bedroom decor that sings. This might sound strange, but the closer to the floor you are, the closer you are to creating an authentic bohemian style house. Check out the board this pin is stored on to see it all! Everything should have place and a purpose, yet you don’t have to be rigid with placement. Jewel tones like amethyst purple, ruby red, and emerald green often have a place in a boho room. Interior design – Bohemian style By admin Posted on November 27, 2020 Board cover for my bohemian home interior design style board showing a lot of boho furniture, bohemian wall art, living room, bedroom, decoration, boho chic designs etc.

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