km) by Singapore Govt, Amaravati City Bhoomi Puja (ground-breaking ceremony) by Chief Minister, Submission of Seed Area Development Plan by Singapore Govt, Workshop with experts on Capital City master plan (3 days), Workshop with experts on Capital City master plan. The city used to have a large Buddhist Stupa known as Mahachaitya (also known as Amaravati Stupa) which was ruined over the time. The city is planned to spread over 217 km2 area with a total cost of ₹ 553.43 billions to the Capital Region Development Authority (CRDA) out of which state government contribution is only ₹ 126 billion (equity ₹ 66.29 billion and supporting grant ₹ 59.71 billion) spread over a period of 8 years from April 2018 to March 2026 (₹ 5 billion in 2018–19, ₹ 18 billion per year for later six years and ₹ 13 billion in 2025–26). Amaravati formerly known as ''Dhānyakatakam'' is an important city to the cultural heritage and history of Andhra Pradesh. [80] The Vijayawada-Amaravati road connects the city with Vijayawada. For all the latest India News, download Indian Express App. The present capital area has its historical significance of having recorded its first-ever legislation 2,200 years ago. Built on allotted space on the southern banks of Krishna River in Guntur district selected close to the geographical center of the state. It was then ruled by Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu. [22], The Andhra Pradesh State Cabinet meeting passed a resolution of 1 September 2014 to locate the Capital City in a central place of the state, around Vijayawada, and to go for decentralized development of the state with 3 Mega Cities and 14 Smart Cities. The event brought wide media attention especially after one of the team took the color and the name of the state, making it the first Indian branded team in the history of F1h2o. [11], The name "Amaravati" derives from the historical Amaravathi village, the ancient capital of the Satavahana dynasty. [55], As of July 2019, the World Bank dropped funding for Amaravati. The Andhra Pradesh government on Tuesday presented its Budget, with a proposed expenditure of Rs 2,24,789.18 crore. Their main language was Prakrit written using Brahmi Script, which served as the base for the script of Telugu Language. Andhra Cancels Start-Up Infra Work In Amaravati, Singapore Firms Pull Out. Hindus form a very large majority, but here are also Muslim, Christian, and Buddhist communities. Amaravati is the Legislative capital[a] and the de facto seat of government[b] of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. [63][64], BRS Medicity with an investment of $1.8 billion is to come to Amaravati. [88][89], The Happy Cities Summit Amaravati 2019 backed by APCRDA aims to build on the success and momentum of the inaugural summit to establish Amaravati at the forefront of the discourse on urban innovation with a focus on citizen happiness. The city is located on the banks of river Krishna in Guntur District and the primary city of the state's Capital Region. [18] Among the innovative features on the drawing board are navigation canals[19] around the city, and connecting to an island in the Krishna River. [1], The residents of Amaravati are Telugu-speaking people and Telugu is the official language of the city. It was briefly occupied by Hyder Ali. [58][59][60] Pi Data Centre, the fourth largest of its kind in Asia with an investment of ₹600 crore (US$84 million), and Pi Care Services, a healthcare BPO,[clarification needed] were inaugurated at Mangalagiri IT park. The state and union governments are expected to earn ₹ 120 billion per annum out of which state goods and services tax (State GST) alone is ₹ 60 billion per annum.

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