Kindergarten - 2nd Grade | Fall Recreational Softball offers a low-pressure development opportunities for young players in a five-week season. x��]Y��6�}7��������,��(�^�uw�3���F0�r�)�SN��h���E�\Յ8���]yD�͓O�|���WM��Y�����ߏum��[���Y�_�Csw��я_4���x��ѓ�����un����Q�p]�7b�nj�I]i���`_��ͻ�Jd�����߾~��Cs���͟?�R ��Ǐ�/�{�4�I��& 5��ј$d+�I��É�����I�&K����-x��A�� The infielder withe most points wins the drill. Attempts to bunt the ball. Local Little League programs using their League ID number can purchase hard copy Rulebooks. One was a pitcher & the other, a catcher. Players are not required to wear cleats flat soled athletic shoes are acceptable. Second, if you have little experience in running a youth baseball or softball team, we’re sure you have questions. She's also a lifelong athlete and is pursuing certification as a personal trainer. The arc shall be marked (by coaches if necessary) on the field. One way to keep your team organized is by using DICK’S Team Sports HQ. Recognize solid play, and critique mistakes in a supportive way, while offering ideas on how to improve. No matter what the procedure, however, it’s good practice to carefully study each player, and monitor his or her skillsets. Finally, give a rundown of what you plan to accomplish during your first practice. From pitch count regulations to mandatory play to definition of terms to safety procedures, Little League Rulebooks provide you what you need to know. 2 0 obj After you have made your introduction, have each player state their name and which position they’d like to play, if they know it. Tell them about your softball background and maybe a few fun facts, too. Does the Little Leaguer catch pop-ups well? Kidports T-Ball follows National Federation Rules except as modified below. This isn’t just to clean up the field, but is another opportunity to build morale and shows them the value of teamwork. THE BALL: A 9” Safe-Soft ball will be used for all game and practice sessions. Leagues differ with respect to how they operate player tryouts. If you are a parent of one of your players, let them know this as well. If you are unsure which drills to incorporate, here are some suggestions: No-Glove Ground Ball Drill Jupiterimages/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images. We highly suggest not only reviewing the Rulebook before the season, but throughout, as well. Little League - Character, Courage, Loyalty, know your league’s player selection method, How to Improve as a Little League® Coach in the Offseason, The Benefits of Coaching Other Youth Sports, 3 Ways to Motivate, Educate, and Inspire Your Team. <>/Metadata 199 0 R/ViewerPreferences 200 0 R>> Remember that these are just suggestions for running your first practice. Remember to always talk positive about players, parents, other teams, and coaches. She will pick up the second ground ball and throw it to second in order to get the force play. The base runner must touch home plate, not the T to score. endobj After the first week of practice, schedule a meeting with your team’s parents to better introduce yourself, explain your coaching philosophy, and to share your goals for the team. NO PLAYER may play more than two consecutive innings at a position of either group. Does not take a full swing at the ball. Before you step out onto the field, there are a number of things that you must first do. At this age, kids don't tend to have a lot of experience with throwing, catching and batting, so your practice sessions should focus on helping your players gain basic skills and confidence. Ultimately, you should build a game plan around your coaching strengths and what suits your personal and team’s needs best. Example: A player who plays one inning at pitcher and an inning at first base must play the next two innings at one or more of the Group II positions. Do not get overly caught-up in winning or losing. After all of the business and introductions have been completed, it’s finally time to hit the field. EQUIPMENT. A player arriving after the beginning of a game may be inserted at the end of the batting order at the beginning of a half-inning. Although I coach all aspects of the game, my coaching expertise is pitching & catching. Since you aren’t yet fully aware of your players’ skill sets, and you do not want to give them too much too soon, focus on core softball skills for your first practice. The batting T shall be placed directly on the tip of home plate and may be adjusted to each batter’s preferred height. 1 0 obj Softball Drills Softball Coach Softball Bats Baseball Bats Benefits Of Sports Baseball Equipment Team Mom Sports Training Knee Injury. Silverman holds a Master of Science in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism. Once everyone is loose, call your team together to begin the drill work for the day. BATTING HELMETS: Each team is required to have a minimum of four (4) regulation protective batting helmets on its bench prior to starting a game or practice session.

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