I plan on Southcoast strings and possibly linear CGEA although I'm not yet decided. Kala KA-S is $53 more expensive than the average ukulele ($46.99). A lot of the Cordoba vs Kala debate stems from Cordoba’s recent rise in popularity due to sale increases on online stores like Amazon. It also comes with a special nyatoh neck as well as Grover chrome tuners that make the strings stay tuned for long. Don't really think you can go wrong with a Kala tenor. The die chrome tuners, on the other hand, make tuning less stressful and also hold the tune well. (0 members and 1 guests). Meet the Kala KA-KTG, a gem that boasts a full Koa body, the official tonewood for Hawaiian handmade ukuleles! It is a great budget ukulele produced with the best of materials you can find on ukulele at this price point. This website displays data from third party public sources. The ukulele packs a punch with its great sound, thanks to a great combination of tonewood. Last Updated on October 17, 2020 by SoundsRight. It stays in tune for long and it is very easy to re-string. When comparing Cordoba vs Kala you’ll find that both companies use high quality materials throughout their collections. The body and neck are made with strong mahogany wood which is responsible for its great resonance and sustains. The Cordoba Concert Ukulele 24.125inches long. This ukulele is well spaced on the fret, giving room for beginners, intermediate and professional uke players to navigate to higher notes easily. The frets of the concert ukulele are also spaced a bit, so players who have larger fingers will find it very easy to play. It comes with 18 brass frets, with each solidly and accurately placed on the fretboard. The company makes a budget and great quality ukuleles suitable for beginners and professionals alike. :-). In 2020 alone they announced and released 27 new ukulele lines! It is durable, attractive and above all, plays and sounds really good.Read Customer Reviews  & Price On Amazon. Talk to Southcoast about strings. You can find a professional sounding ukulele with Kala anywhere from $150-$450. Kala and Cordoba ukuleles both use italian made Aquila strings. Show newer Ukuleles It also gives a sweet consistent sound. It is suitable for beginners, intermediate and professional ukulele players. It is constructed with quality Hawaiian Koa wood and a unique Abalone binding and rosette. We'll keep you up to date when exciting new information is available. As the number one ukulele company, Kala’s lineup has evolved significantly to offer hundreds of new ukulele products over the last decade. In addition to the free accessories, there are also free video lessons to help beginners get started. It is made of a real wood material (mahogany top, sides and back) which gives the ukulele a rich full sound. The sound is one of the best that is produced by a concert ukulele at this price point, thanks to the great tonewood and four advanced carbon nylon strings. The concert ukulele can also have up to 20 frets, which make it possible for players to move to higher notes easily. The Cordoba Concert Ukulele has an exceptional fingerboard binding, abalone-style rosette as well as ivoroid body which set this brand of ukulele apart from the others. The geared tuners also enable the ukulele to hold its tune well, which is a great feature for a ukulele at this price point. It looks like your links kicked off the reddit spam filter, silly reddit. Kala KA B Mahogany is $84.60 more expensive than the average ukulele ($46.99). Kala KA-SMHB Baritone v. Cordoba 20BM I'm going to buy one of these baritones from HMS because of their reputation. There are a few newer ukuleles on the market. Generally speaking, the concert ukulele is very easy to play. While Kala is best known for their ukuleles, Cordoba is primarily a guitar company.

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