Stir in the zucchini, Bisquick and cheese. Is it because the amount of saturated fat and cholesterol in a single serving is very low? Not sure if they're really necessary. If you’re looking for a tasty way to use up your summer zucchini, this is it! It was a thumbs up at our house! I've been tempted to make your recipes before and this is sure to be my first of many. Yum! I only topped it with a teaspoon of grated cheese and used wholemeal flour but it still came out beautiful and everybody loved it! Is the 10oz of zucchini a weight or a volume measurement? thanks for another winner. Then I had all the ingredients on hand with not enough eggs for my regular recipe so I figured why not. It was the perfect light dinner on a hot day! Makes 6-8 servings. Have you tried substituting almond flour? Could the whole wheat flour be substituted  with almond flour? Lol. Crustless Zucchini Pie. Based on what I had on hand, made with green onions instead of chives and half & half (not exactly skinny, oops) – delicious! The recipe calls for part skim mozzarella. Subbed yellow onion for shallots and oregano for chives as that’s what I had on hand. This is definitely a keeper recipe! So I want to try. and as a result it was very filling and made for a great, easy dinner. It's always excellent. I will have to try and make it in muffin tins since I do not have a pie pan but I am sure it will work out fine! Anyone know approximately how many cups of grated zucchini would equal 10 ounces? Loved it! Thank you for another great recipe. What can I substitute for flour to make this recipe gluten free? since it’s basically all veggies!? So good! This was delicious! You’ll want to put the zucchini in a cheese cloth and give it a good squeeze to take out all the moisture. Anonymous, a pound is 16oz, so when you go to the store, just weigh the zucchini. zucchini. thank you! Am wondering if I can use muffin pan instead of pie plate? So easy to make, this is certainly my next pot luck contribution! Notes for next time: While this recipe definitely worked as a last-minute breakfast casserole, I might experiment with a bit of ground mustard or a pinch of garlic salt to add a bit more flavor. Best thing I ever stumbled upon on the internet! It was delicious, light, and fluffy, yet still filling and a perfect meal with a side salad and some good bread. The spray is extra just to lightly coat the pan. This was wonderful! Used a bit of extra parmesan because my baking dish was a 9×13 cake pan. What can I use in place of the flour?Thanks, I was thinking of upping the parmesan cheese and adding an egg for low carb. Trying to stay away from flour. it’s definitely a make-again recipe! Another keeper!!! Flavor is wonderful. Thoughts? I have a question. We have a dairy allergy so I used a milk made with pea protein and just sprinkled in some nutritional yeast to replace the parmasean. , Yum…These zucchini pie look so good. I have found it easily adaptable, using what I have in my kitchen. I made this by thinly slicing the zucchini and alternating layers with shallots, sweet onions, and scallions. . The taste was fantastic, but I think some diced fresh tomatoes would be even better. Get recipes & exclusive content via email: You can unsubscribe anytime by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of emails you receive. I pressed 4 large garlic cloves and added with the zucchini. Ingredients: 1 large onion, finely chopped 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese 4 eggs, beaten The answer is YES! Leftovers are great reheated for lunch. The directions, however, say to ultimately combine them all in one bowl and then pour into the pan. We don't eat eggs and I too would like to know how to make this minus the eggs. I’ve made this twice and both times it was too loose. Like could I make it ahead of time and take it to a potluck? It didn't last but minutes and I made a double batch in a larger dish. I think you can use any GF flour that "subs" well for wheat flour. And thanks for stopping by! I loved it. Teenager approved!! I made this last night to go with your Grilled Salmon Kebabs. The flavors might blend together overnight so I’ll see how it tastes then. Mmm! Pour into two greased 9-inch pie plates. It was just like dressing but a lot healthier! This made a great side dish to a pot of chili. One with crust for the family and one without for me. A friend shared this recipe and I loved it! Great recipe!! I agree with others, if you added ham, it would be a great meal on its own. Added chopped tomato from my garden and sauteed mushroom. What a great side dish or this can be a stand-alone meal for lunch. I am so happy I made this, it’s absolutely amazing. Added some halved cherry tomatoes on top, cut side up so as not to add too much moisture. I may put in more veggies than the recipe calls for, but it just makes for a denser pie. Everyone loved it! Came out great! Not sure what I did wrong. I was going to try this with asparagus too! I made this last night and it is amazing! Thank you Gina! Peggy Gandy of South Amboy, New Jersey makes the most of her zucchini harvest by baking this crowd-pleasing entree. Thank you! I plan on trying this with soy flour. I cooked it for another 12 minutes and it still was a uncooked in the center. Trying to figure out how to do this in the future. We simply love your website. FABULOUS. If you're like me, you're always looking for another good recipe for all the zucchini in our garden! I love all of your recipes, but this one was dull. My guests all raved about it!! You said 1/4 ___? I had leftover shredded zucchini from making the zucchini tots (haven't baked them yet), so I whipped this together. I love all of your zucchini recipes – made the pizza bites last week, and just saved your zucchini lasagna roll up recipe. Add remaining ingredients to the bowl and blend well. Thank you, Gina! From frozen- I popped it in the oven on 350 for 20 mins covered in aluminum foil, then removed the foil and baked the rest of the way as directed, 400 degrees for 30 mins. We will be making this again! My co-workers loved it. I made this last night and it was WONDERFUL! Pour into two, greased 9-inch pie plates. Might also add Italian seasoning next time. This is one of my favorite recipes and every time I make it I get to that last line and I’m like oh darn, I forgot to leave out the Parmesan haha. Finally, this recipe is really versatile – I substituted garlic shoots for green onions, red onions for shallots, and we had only 1 egg left so I did 1 egg and 1 flax egg. so I'm thinking in order to make this gluten free, maybe I could substitute GF Bisquick for the flour, baking powder, and salt and maybe even the oil. I didn’t have chives so i substituted about an 1/8th of a cup of finely chopped green onions(white and green parts), i used unsweetened almond milk and i added 2 large pinches of basil because I love basil! Even my picky eater kids liked it. Wow, loved it! Made this last night for a side with chicken kebobs. Seems odd since the ingredients include whole eggs, olive oil, and cheeses. 1 point for 1 muffin or 3 points for 2 muffins, What temp & time did you use? This healthy Crustless Zucchini Pie is incredibly easy to make and can be served as a main dish or side. Will definitely make it again. This was all kinds of fantastic. i used 1 medium and one small. was perfect. Would even try cooked bacon bits in it . It was delicious, and my husband really loved it. I baked it in one 10 inch deep pie dish and it turned out great. So I made a Keto version of this and it came out yummy! I used diced red onion as i didn’t have any shallots then I used a half teaspoon of garlic powder, some diced Chirozo and sprinkle of chili flakes. While I still love my original zucchini pie recipe, this one is great in a pinch. I did the same thing. It makes it so wonderfully crispy and brown on the top. After I squeezed out the liquid it gave me 11 oz. Held together very well (and less points)! Everyone took seconds and my daughters BF took 4ths ??. Don’t miss out putting real parm on the top! It was delicious! I found the taste to be the same as my recipe without all the additional calories and fat added. How would you measure out the ingredients say if you wanted to make it into a 13×9 dish? Still a satisfying meal or side dish!! I am definitely making this . giant. Wow! I didn't have any onions either, so I added garlic. So, instead of getting a wonderful Skinnytaste dinner, I had two dishes of charcoal!! Not only did it smell great while it baked, it tasted delicious! I frequently use a salt free spice blend, like a Mrs. It's gluten-free. Definitely will make again. It was a little denser than a typical quiche (maybe from the 1/4 cup flour?) Had to make a couple substitutions based on what I had on hand (no chives/shallots, subbed a sweet onion and some garlic) but it still turned out great Thanks for the recipe!! This is on our make again list for sure! I subbed onion for shallots and also diced up about 4 kale leaves, yum! I want to take this to a potluck tomorrow night but won't have a lot of time after work to throw it together.

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