arguments that support your position. Second, as we First, you need to take time and carefully study a previous argument so that you can understand it better. Minimize prep time usage. Regardless of which approach to the Rebuttal that you choose, there are a couple of additional considerations to keep in mind. Think of your Rebuttal as an opportunity to extend a contention. For example, if person A is assigned to the positive stance, person 1 may note key points that person A has said to be used during the rebuttal while he or she waits for his or her turn. For example, if a debater argues that school uniforms reduce academic growth because kids end up missing class time when they get sent to the office for a uniform violation, that is a link turn. For example, "We are showing For instance, for the motion “This house would ban handguns,” the Proposition can argue that handguns make communities more dangerous by empowering criminals. Debaters with more experience, should consider these additional suggestions. Of course, the only thing the first Rebuttal speaker can do is respond to the second Custructive speech, as the first rebuttal speaker will not have spoken yet. In the Rebuttal, they may read an “add-on” that says that school uniforms save families money and that saving money is good. Because a good portion of the Rebuttalist’s speech time is spent continually referencing the other side’s arguments, leaving lest time for the Rebuttal speaker to make his or her own arguments. Why? NOW, THINK HOW YOUR ARGUMENTS DEFEAT THIS ARGUMENT. Imagine the Con team argues that school uniforms hurt academic achievement (link turn) and then argues that economic growth is bad (impact turn). Summary and Final Focus speeches are only two minutes long, so there will not be much time to provide much additional explanation in these later speeches. If these questions are to be used, they must at least be answered by the Debaters themselves. A rebuttal speech is an important part of debate. to harass. Rebuttal is the process of defending one’s arguments against an oppo - nent’s attacks. Below are three examples of argumentative essays, written by yours truly in my school days, as well as analysis of what each did well and where it could be improved. Lifetime earnings? First and last impressions. In the context, of school uniforms, imagine that a Pro team argued school uniforms are good because they increase academic achievement and increase school discipline. Lifetime earnings? Pick out their poorest examples and explain to the judge why they are weak or why they don’t support the opponent’s argument. Debaters will not always be able to think of everything they need of ahead of time, so they should think of evidence and arguments they have related to other arguments that apply and use as much logic as possible to think of answers. With the exception of preparing answers to the first rebuttalist’s points, there should be minimal need for prep time. Otherwise, the judges are left to answer the question for them and they will not necessarily agree with Debaters. The Proposition merely rebutted that the benefits of the Internet here does not show why the Internet was SAFE, which was what Opposition had to show. Internal/no internal link. Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! With this argument taken down, the point about needing to protect viewers of art has little impact, as it is a hung argument. An argument says school uniforms waste student’s times and undermine academic achievement is an offensive argument. A defensive argument claims that what the other side says is not true, and an offensive argument essentially says that the opposite of what they say is true. up and explain why this reason is a voting issue for you. Remember that the link is the connection to the argument. They may say , for example, “Group the debate school uniforms increase academic achievement.” As I judge, I prefer this approach because it is more efficient (it doesn’t require constantly referencing the other teams’ arguments) and because it helps keep the flow organized (yes, I realize I flow and that all judges do not flow). Three, if you fail to make strong arguments early, you will struggle with prep time to find arguments that you need to make later. I think that the Rebuttal speech is the hardest speech in the debate for new debaters, but if debaters prepare in advance and flow, they will be able to deliver strong rebuttals. Make bullet points of the key arguments and evidence presented. With this approach, the Rebuttal speaker would proceed in the following manner –, “My opponent argued that we need to increase academic achievement, but academic achievement is already high.”. Of course, the only thing the first Rebuttal speaker can do is respond to the second Custructive speech, as the first rebuttal speaker will not have spoken yet. For instance, in a debate on the motion “This house believes that the Internet is a dangerous force,” the Opposition delivers arguments noting how useful the Internet has been in facilitating communication and education.

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