Finland Elementary School. A person not only has to be the best and the brightest to become a primary teacher, they also have to have passed a series of interviews and personality screenings to get in. THE SEMINOLE NEWSPAPER : AMERICA’S FLAWED EDUCATION SYSTEM, 11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”. School holidays in Finland are different from region to region. Finland School Hours #7 Finnish students do the least number of class hours per week in the developed world, yet get the best results in the long term. I am a firm believer that a foreign languages should be teach starting at elementary school (Language immersion). I expected to have great new ideas on how to teach my mathematics curriculum and I would revamp my lessons so that I could include more curriculum, more math and get students to think more, talk more and do more math. This drive to do more and More and MORE is a state of existence for most teachers in the US….it is engrained in us from day one. (A little less than 60% choose this track.
There are a total of 190 school days in a Finnish school year. Although first graders in Finland usually spend just, School starts between 8 and 10 and at 12–14 they can go to an afternoon club, head home or to a hobby or to a friend's house. Yet, the students work on it in class diligently. This generates a lot of confidence and trust in Finland’s teachers. Thank You! They truly believe and live by the mentality of less is more. According to the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development)  an average Finnish teacher teaches 600 hours annually or about 4 or less lessons daily. There is no “passing the buck” onto the next teacher because they ARE the next teacher. (Less than 5% choose this path). What if we didn’t force students who know that their talents reside outside of the world of formal academics to take three years of high school classes that they found boring and useless? Parents trust the teachers to be highly qualified, trained, and gifted individuals. And while they are learning these amazing skills they are also learning math and problem solving and how to follow directions! Again, the American mentality of “more is more” simply does not work. Students usually pick which upper secondary school they would like to attend based on the school’s specialties and apply to get into that institution. Finland allows their children to be children, to learn through playing and exploring rather than sitting still locked up in a classroom. Stagnation of the body leads to stagnation of the brain and unfocused, “hyper” children. One teacher showed me a course book and said that it had too many topics for one five week grading period. Those student who fail to pass are separated on different classes to have much more assignments, homework and punishments. The teacher is able to take more risks and try new things and create exciting, engaging curriculum that allows students to become skilled individuals ready for the real world. Nature rich free and without obligation every child. 11 ways Finland’s education system shows us that less is more. If the instruction in secondary mathematics is the same or sometimes worse than those found in the US,  why are Finnish students succeeding and ours are failing? Here’s what makes it the best. This overall system allows both students and teachers to be well rested and ready to teach/learn. 2019 - 18. Finnish students’ schedules are always different and changing; however they typically have three to four 75 minute classes a day with several breaks in between. All the teachers were wonderful as were the facilities at the schools. They average under half an hour of homework a night. I have two adult kids who went through the Finnish school system. Helsinki is divided into school admission areas. What if we made these students feel valued and like they had a place in the education realm? 2020 - 21. ), •Vocational Education:  This is a three year program that trains students for various careers as well as gives them the option to take the Matriculation test to then apply for University should they so choose. We do not have TIME! From what I can observe, students in Finland get the work done in class, and teachers feel that what the students are able to do in school is enough. 1835 Finland Ave | Columbus, Ohio 43223. 11 Ways Finland’s Education System Shows Us that “Less is More”. The teacher knows what they need to teach to get them to the next step, while also giving the teachers freedom to work at the pace of their students. Finland is so fortunate. Saku Tuominen, director of this HundrEd project, says parents in Finland don't really want longer hours in school. and in fact we have only one break per day, its kind of CLASS = JAIL and STUDENTS=LIFE TIME PRISONERS. The schools trust the teachers to be highly trained individuals and therefore give them freedom to create the type of classroom environment that is best for their individual students. The school day starts between 8-9am and is finished by 2pm. Also, teachers and students in Finland are not expected to be at school when they do not have a class. 1. thank you for this wonderfull post. Conversely in the US we truly believe “more is more” and we constantly desire and pursue more in all areas of our lives. Yet a lot of ideas have been implemented here that people come from all over Finland and the world to learn about. The kids start school when they are actually developmentally ready to learn and focus. We didn’t have the pressures of testing that seems to be THE single measure of success these days. The teacher is simply trusted to do a good job and therefore they have more control over their classroom and its content. No, not everyone has to go to University! If we have a spare moment we are then expected to monitor the hallway because we can’t trust students to get to class without supervision. (The same can be said for bad teaching.) ; (. The school day usually ends by 2:00 or 2:45. In general everything written in this article is contrary to our current education system but I have enjoyed it a lot because I have learned something really new. GREAT and awesome post! The school day is over between 12 noon and 2 pm, depending on the day and group. What’s so special about them? It allows them to create great, thought provoking lessons. This school is the so-called local school. Trust is key to this whole system not structure. They live by it. Finland works very hard to make sure there are no “bad teachers.”  Primary education is THE most competitive degree to get in Finland. I’m opposed to many of the things which are required in US schools. 2019: Christmas holidays: 21. This system allows the Finnish teacher more time to plan and think about each lesson. Brittney McDaniel, Principal Incredible Article , so now i realized the plight of kerala(indian) educational system , politician , clever people are destroying the education. ( Log Out /  Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It needs to be read by the many in the US who are pushing for year long school. Again, they are the teacher next year and they control the curriculum! ( Log Out /  There is about 20 hours of tuition per week for lower grades and more for higher grades. These holidays include autumn, Christmas, winter and summer holidays and usually last from one to two weeks except summer holidays which last between 10 to 11 weeks. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thank you. There is a constant pressure to push our students to the next level to have them do bigger and better things.

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