Students also learn about cross-cultural conflict resolution in this section of their Kelley education, while polishing up their resumes, learning how to work with recruiters, and what to do at career fairs. That’s why they’ve planned programs to help make sure uncertainties are captured before they become regrets. Kelley Direct Admission Petition Application. The program uses adventure activities, facilitated discussion, peer mentors, and faculty interaction to introduce campus culture, foster community, and build confidence among entering students. Last year, over 280 second-year students participated in a Global Core travel course. , over 92 percent of alumni of the Class of 2016 said their first job after graduation was in their desired job function, and 90 percent said that their first jobs were at their desired company. Special regulations affecting the Pass/Fail option for Kelley School students are as follows: The grade of W (withdrawal) is given automatically to the student who withdraws from courses by the registrar’s designated deadline as listed in the Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin each semester. Outside of meeting the requirements for automatic direct admission, the Kelley School doesn't know you're interested in direct admission unless you petition. At the Kelley School of Business, we turn promising students into the finest professionals. Perry says the school now offers students 17 countries to choose from, covering every continent except Antarctica. That captures the Kelley student profile,” Perry said. In Fall 2018, the school received 15,267 applications to join their four-year program. Non–business students enrolled in business courses must petition their own schools. You’ll be ready to turn critical moments into lasting career momentum. Over the last three years, the school has also made several changes to the student experience to help them develop even more holistically. While we encourage you to petition as soon as possible, your petition will not be acted upon until you are admitted to IU. I-Core—a Kelley rite of passage—was pioneered by our faculty in 1964. About 11 percent of students at Kelley school are international students, giving their classrooms discussions global input and perspective. Each country trip is different but powerful, and completes the broad exposure students get to the global environment.”. This does not include books, room, or board. Applications open August 1. Academic Policies & Procedures Grading System Grade Point Average. Here, they explore diversity and inclusion with their peers. The courses are designed to teach students strategies to analyze and interpret the economic, social, political, legal, cultural, and technological influences that drive the global economy. Enrollment and Student Academic Information Bulletin. It is here that students bring their Compass class experiences, and Global Foundations experiences together with their general education knowledge, and math and computer skills. In response to a survey conducted by P&Q, over 92 percent of alumni of the Class of 2016 said their first job after graduation was in their desired job function, and 90 percent said that their first jobs were at their desired company. Preference is given to direct admit petitions completed by December 4. You will receive notification of your petition status no later than February 1, 2021. Select one of our Kelley undergraduate business majors as your intended major on your IU Bloomington application. Through our innovative curriculum, you will gain hands-on experience in marketing, finance, operations, management, ethics and global business—regardless of your major (and we have 18 of them). In most cases this is the weighted GPA. The Sophomore Success Breakfast kicks off the academic year for second-year students with a celebration brunch and helpful tips from representatives from all across the school, including faculty, career coaches, advisors, and administrators, while the Sophomore Professional Conference gives students opportunities to get to work practicing their networking skills with real corporate recruiters and get authentic experience in attending an academic conference. If a school does not track these statistics separately, then the university-wide statistics are provided. The school shared that the estimated cost of attending including tuition and fees for an in-state student was $46,519, while an out-of-state student would pay triple that at $140,896. Even as students run the race, they need to be reminded that failure is not an end point and that slowing down is better than working oneself to death. Also integral to the Kelley experience is the Integrative Core, a required, semester-long block of four courses that bridges together everything students learn inside and outside the classroom during their first two years. The IU GPA calculation includes the grades for all courses taken at any IU campus, including courses that have been repeated. The school shared that 75 percent of the graduating Class of 2018 participated in a consulting project with an external organization, and all students are required to complete three global business courses.

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