Being with family at this time is all that matters. Don’t use his name in vain when you say “Christmas” or give credit to any other. We celebrate all else (Valentine’s) so why not a particular, special occasion that celebrates Christ – and add to the pagan origins, that of wedding rings which we all wear yet rebuke the celebration of Christ’s birthday. You are absolutely correct that we should be thankful and give praise to God for allowing us to celebrate this season. Thank you too. It has become more about the magic of Christmas and centers around Santa etc. Another aspect is that most get a kick from giving to others. Your gift enables our worldwide outreach. At this time of year, it is our hope and prayer that many will do likewise (no pun intended)…Seek him and give him their best – their gifts of worship. I love your attention grabbing headline. Fix that problem! What an important lesson you have learned here. Where I Live Christmas is not  a big celebration, Easter is the deal, with fire works and all kinds of festivity. He was sought after by “wise men” & women to be worshiped and to be presented with gifts. Thank you for this insightful reminder and keep up the great work! – user867 Jul 17 '13 at 4:10 It is usually interpreted as, "obey the state in earthly matters, obey God in religion, morals etc.". There is only one flaw, you don’t choose to worship God anyhow. Yet if He declares it unlawful, He can be charged with treason. But it’s our responsibility to worship God every day in spite of. Nothing wrong with that at all. I agree with you. This means we obey even when we do not agree with their tax rates, speed limits, or regulation of other parts of our lives. Gifts don’t really matter to me  as I get older, I find I would be happy without. Hi Daniel! We have likely heard the saying, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s,” which is a quote from Jesus as he is giving one of these “answer a question with a question” type of responses. Then there are the brains behind the commercial aspect. Thank you much for your kind words. And they left him and went away” (vv. We’ve been depressed about not being able to buy the things we wanted for our grandchildren and didn’t even want to celebrate Christmas. If we were lucky it would have snowed and my Father would put my sledge behind the car and we would make a tour through the beautiful forest. I’m glad there are still people thinking the same way. Merry Christmas to you and yours. I am also a Merry Christmas and not a “Happy Holidays/Season’s Greetings” person too. It qualifies your purpose and the reason you were born. David. My 3 year old says that’s her favorite song ever. As tchrist says, what this means when quoted is highly dependent on context. I like where you stated you were for merry Christmas greetings and not one who just says happy holidays . I really enjoyed reading it and am intrigued with the connection you made to money. I am glad that you celebrate it in its proper perspective. Well written too David…I love the cynical strikethroughs! The above title speaks of Jesus’ reply to the Pharisees as they were trying to trap him with a trick question in Mark 12:13-17. when his support allowed one side in a Jewish civil war to gain victory. meaning of life etc. You are correct… we must worship Him in spirit and in truth – John 4:24. My kids are much older now with the youngest being 17 years old. I understand that merchants are positioned to make a profit – more than at any other time of the year for obvious reasons. They outfit their already well-furnished homes, buy enough food to entertain a drove of wild hogs at a deluxe buffet. Last time I looked I didn’t see one listing for a Christmas film about Jesus. Thank you for this nice and thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing this powerful truth which you have masterfully pulled out of the article. This background sets the stage for the test Jesus faces in today’s passage. Stores are filled to capacity as everyone is in a hustle to get (hopefully meaningful) presents for their loved ones. The real reason for Christmas competes with many other mainstream alternative symbols for proper recognition, but I am a Merry Christmas and not a “Happy Holidays/Season’s Greetings” guy. Then there are the hardliners who don’t associate with Christmas but still welcome big holiday bonuses disguised as year-end bonuses, awards, gifts, and other useful tokens. David. But I’m sure they will get it at some point, they usually do. That’s why there’s a Christmas… because of Christ. I love that song too. Berean Study Bible Then Jesus told them, “Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.” And they … Once our hearts and motives are true, like the wise men (who said there were 3?) To give Caesar his dues/taxes, because the coins bore Caesar’s image. Have an awesome Christmas & Happy New Year! I have shared on my Facebook page as I have been feeling this exact same way! His response to a yes-or-no question was often answered with another question, in a way that provided nuance, deeper meaning, and clearer context. There is nothing to be offended or ashamed about Christmas at all. So give Caesar his due—the temporary stuff of this world—but make sure to give God His due: “Offer yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life; and offer every part of yourself to him as an instrument of righteousness” (Romans 6:13). and even on giving. Yet their common enemy is Jesus, and so they unite to test Him regarding the poll tax. I call them “seasoned” flirters and party poopers at heart. For permissions, view our Copyright Policy. Thank you much for reading and sharing, David (nice name by the way :-)) Glad you enjoyed it. However, they were also expected to give God His due – offering themselves in worship – having been made in the image and likeness of God. 21–22). I heard you; some nerve, right? Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year to you and yours – All the best to you and yours! Whether we identify with Christianity, for me, Jesus was born — and this time is used to celebrate Him. You are quite right. Hi Stephen! I grew up in a family that properly appreciates Christmas and what it really means to celebrate Christmas. You are a gift to the world and your birthday is your special day. Jesus, of course, sees through the ruse. Appreciated. History has proven that Jesus was not born on the 25th of december; but my question is this; why was the 25th of december picked as the birthday Jesus. And I’m happy I know the reason for this season, it goes way beyond all the presents, food, decorations and all the merriment. Thanks for taking the time. Thank you for the FB share. This year I will also remember Cindy, my Rottweiler lady who left this summer. It is a quote from the New Testament and it means "give to the Emperor what is his due", and it refers to taxes. As parents, we have to find a way to reach them re. I look forward to reading more of your wonderful writing. I am glad that your 3-year-old is aware of whose birthday it is in spite of… :-). Proverbs has a lot of great quotes that deal with finance as well. Some save for the entire year so there will be enough funds to “Shop ’till they drop” (another cliche). Please share your comments below and remember to share it with friends. I am sorry about your present situation but as you know, it will not remain like this for long.

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