Walmart even carrys the Mojo "std" marinade, but I'm partial to the "picante" variation - a little more kick. Goya Mojo Chipotle Marinade has <1% total fat. Jul 5, 2013 - Goya Mojo Chipotle Marinade is ideal for adding a fiery-smoky flavor to your grilling. Combine all ingredients of the fajita seasoning. Your basic store "fajita" blend will be mostly the above (but likely also include oregano and onion powder), you can add more paprika (or annatto paste) if … Allow to marinate for at least 4 hours, but overnight is better. Try making Fajita night part of a weekly family tradition! For best results marinade and refrigerate overnight. Goya Fajita Seasoning Mix Chili Lime for an authentic meal that makes 8 fajitas. No Trans Fat, No MSG, free from peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, dairy, soy, egg, fish and shellfish Sizes: 1.25 oz. Allow marinade to cool completely (I put mine in the freezer for a while), then pour over chicken, beef, or shrimp in a ziptop bag. And a teaspoon of mayonnaise. Marinade in a deep dish, cook to your liking. Marinade for a … I made your marinade but added this… a teaspoon of Goya Regular Adobo seasoning. 0% Cholesterol and only 5 calories per servig! Tastes just like the marinade I was served and the meat just like the fajitas in the restaurant. A "basic" chicken fajita marinade one would be oil, lime juice, paprika, garlic powder, cumin, salt, chili powder (not chile, unless I want heat). Degustación. Shake bag well ensuring that everything is covered in the marinade. The chicken marinated with Goya Mojo has an exquisite taste. Here on the north shore I get it at Lischmans. Try it! En la misma sartén, cocinamos las cebollas y los pimientos, cortados en rajas, hasta que estén suaves pero aún crujientes.Agregamos nuevamente la carne y cocinamos a fuego medio tres minutos más. Fajita Marinade This stuff is straight off the shelf, so it's stupid easy and delicious:Mojo Picante Marinade by Goya. So I was able to taste the actual marinade. This jalapeno-based marinade adds a savory taste to your beef, chicken or pork. Instructions. Borrowed from Tex-Mex cuisine, this recipe is a fun way to have a meal with your loved ones and save some money at the same time. If it's Goya… it has to be good! Add two packets of Goya Sazón and 1 cup boiling water and whisk together again. This made all the difference in the world and made it complete. You can find it in the mexican food section of many grocery stores. Goya Fajita Authentic Latino Seasoning Mix Chili Lime to be served with warmed Goya Refried Beans and goya Yellow Rice. This is a convenient and versatile dish allowing everyone to fix their fajitas as they please. * Add marinade, ingredients into ziplock bag along with the chicken.

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