Your email address will not be published. Height – 8 to 12 inches (20 to 30 cm) Once the plants are big enough to handle you need to harden them off before you can plant them out in the garden or in larger pots, containers, or a planter. Keep watering if you feel your curly endive needs water. You can grow endive straight in the soil but most gardeners start the seed off in a seed tray or pot. Curly endive is a salad green that is appreciated for its crispy fresh leaves, for the ease of its growing and its hardiness. Some people like to blanch endive as it can remove the bitterness from the leaves but also it gets the traditional yellow/white colour that people love. When to pull up Curly endive root: All year, Planting Season: Autumn Planting, Spring Planting, Light exposure requirements: Full sun Plants, Part shade Plants, Climates that the plant can grow: Mediterranean Climate, Subtropics Climate, Growing speed of the plant: Average growing plants, Fast growing plants, Plant life-form: Annual plant, Deciduous, Herbaceous, Leaf plant, Perennial plant, Plant Uses: Colored leaves, Edible plants, Medical uses, Requirements for watering the plant: Big amount of water, Regularly water, Hardiness zones: Hardiness zone 10, Hardiness zone 4, Hardiness zone 5, Hardiness zone 6, Hardiness zone 7, Hardiness zone 8, Hardiness zone 9, Blooming season: Spring flowers, Summer flowers, Harvest Season: Autumn Harvest, Spring Harvest, Summer Harvest, Winter harvest, Edible Parts: Edible flowers, Edible leaves, Edible Roots, Culinary uses: Beverage, Eaten raw, Leafy vegetables, Pickles, Salad. Endive is a loose-headed, curly-fringed, lettucelike green, to 8 in. Can be cut leaf by leaf at the time or all the head. It is sown directly in the plot in rows from February to October. If you do need to blanch your endive then you need to pull the outer leaves of the endive over the centre of the plant and then tie together with string, this needs to be done two weeks before you harvest. Harvesting curly endive. It is possible to harvest curly endive … Often endive is grown as a spring or autumn crop but for the later crop they may need some protection. You can harvest endive leaves or harvest fully-grown endive heads at the end of their growing season. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. With string or raffia, raise and bunch the leaves to cluster them around the head. Leaves color white, green or yellow can be more than one color, leaves slender serrated like a feather. Curly endive is traditionally grown in summer and fall, but it can also be sown earlier for a harvest in spring. As soon as the cold hits, protect your seedlings and plants with a small greenhouse, a tunnel, or any other device that will help your curly endive grow even though temperatures are below freezing, providing as much light as possible. Your email address will not be published. Size of the plant? Endive can take about 8 to 10 weeks before its ready to eat. Cover with an opaque garden cloche or a terra cotta pot. It is possible to harvest curly endive all season round, and even during winter. Uses of Curly endive leaves: Salad, eaten raw. To transplant curly endive seedlings into the garden, gently remove a seedling from its cell and set the plants at the same depth they were growing indoors. A sub-species of endive, curly endive is rather easy to grow. Another easier way to do it is to cover the whole plant with a bucket about 2 weeks before you pick the endive – this works just as well and is less fiddle. Curly endive is a great way to tickle your taste buds It is sown in spring or summer and makes…, At the start of every meal or as a finishing touch, a few crisp, fresh greens always bring a touch…, Corn salad is an easy type of salad green that is easy to grow, requires little space and is open…, Curly endive, a salad with a subtle taste, Curly endive, a great way to tickle your taste buds. Farmers like blanching curly endive to remove the bitterness from its leaves before eating. How to grow the sweetest, juiciest grapes…, The secret of keeping bees in your backyard, 11 delicious herbal teas you can make from your garden. An annual belonging to the Asteraceae family, curly endive doesn’t deliver very energy-laden nutrition, but contains high amounts of water and facilitates digestion. Certain varieties have the knack to blanch themselves on their own. It is best to blanch only as much as you need to harvest, because once blanched, curly endive won’t keep for very long. Required fields are marked *. Growing curly endive in winter. Top size 5-20 cm (2-8 inches) root size is 5-12 cm (2-10 inches). Endive can bolt in dry weather, if the plant bolt then you are best to compost it as the leaves will taste bitter. If you want to grow endive in the autumn sow in July the broader leaved endive is better suited to the autumn weather, as it doesn’t bolt as quickly in the autumn. In a nutshell, remember that lettuce is easy to grow and boasts high nutritional content: great assets for any gardener. Did you know that curly endive is perfectly suited to growing in pots?

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