Also INSTANT DEATH ON ANY SUCCESSFULY CUT. whose innards are ripped from its body when the spike is fired. For the uninitiated, the Heavy Venom Cannon is a 36 inch range, Strength 9 AP 4 Small Blast Assault 1 weapon. They are long bony spines with barbed hooks on the end that serve as both harpoons and possible grapnel for climbing. The problem is that you have a lot of weapons with stats like that, so using an expensive MC (though well armored) that attracts fire like there's no tomorrow is a bad idea. The effects of the Strangleweb can be described best as a non-cutting variation of the Death Spinner used by the Warp Spiders: instead of slicing through their opponents, it constricts them, and maybe crushes them to death. Well, the drawback is that against non-open topped vehicles it gets -1 to the vehicle damage roll. In terms of fluff, the Acid Spray is a Tyranid Biomorph found on larger creatures such as the Tyrannofex. They state that the gun IS the mother that lays the eggs which means that each mature beetle somehow metamorphose into a gun. So don't be too surprise if Nid players shout "Get Over Here!" Two sets of these gives 24 shots, pretty good overall, made even better with the Pathogenic Slime strategem. Tl;dr, its a weapon (that shoots bugs) that you can fire from you fucking forearm. If that's not enough for you, than we have the even bigger Massive Scything Talons which is only found on Tervigons, Maleceptor, Trygon and Trygon Primes and are AP-3, D6 Damage. In addition, if the model has more than one pair, they can make 1 additional attack with this weapon. The gun is very basic, a muscled tube that stores its seeds in a sack at the base, and shoots them with a powerful spasm along with a fair helping of a corrosive oil. These organisms like their smaller cousins, explode on impact, splattering a rain of bio-acid and poison that can melt through nearly any material in a matter of seconds. The Heavy Venom Cannon is just that: a bigger version of the Venom Cannon able to deal with bigger vehicles, and it would be a lot more reliable if it wasn't using a Blast template. The Stone-Crusher is a Tyranid close combat Biomorph most commonly encountered on the Stone-Crusher Carnifex and is nothing more than a large mass of bone, chitin and flesh. More seriously though, a Lash Whip is a Tyranid Bio-weapon in the form of a living whip with three tentacles of muscle and sinew that writhe of their own accord and strike at their prey, independently of their wielder's actions. Overall, the basic Tyranid melee weapon. To aid them in the digestion of a world's biomass, Pyrovores drool a highly corrosive acid that can dissolve pretty much anything. Because of the short range it's not as impressive as the Rupture Cannon, but the ability to bring a portable Fire Warrior squad's worth of firepower with you is nothing to scoff at, especially if it gets to shoot twice while standing still. That's pretty much the gist of the Acid Spray. Unique to Gargoyles, they can spit acid in the eyes of their enemies to blind them and allow for an easy devouring of the target. These weapons are long, razor-edged claws resembling fused talons made of Chitin and serrated bone-like substances. Now they're Lictor and Warrior/Shrike only (Carnifexes have access to Spine Banks, which are similar), count as Frag Grenades, and can be fired for a surprisingly deadly shot. You can swap out one of the Wrecker Claws with a Bio-Flail for maximum FUCK YOU! Although the Stone Wrecker Carnifex has less attacks than the Carnifex (two compared to three) any attack that goes through is more than likely going to cause an Explodes!

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