It's embarrasing to lowering action on strat copy - Guitars101 - … × alot of things come into play here, alot of minor little things and when you go changing something (like string height) it can throw alot of other things out of whack. Does anyone have any string height measurements that they like for a strat? PARTICULARLY if you are in a hurry. This means that once the saddles are set appropriately to match the radius, you never need adjust them again unless it is for the purpose of making the vibrato work differently. If you file too much, you'll need to get the nut replaced.   Pasted as rich text. Given the way the question was asked--My answer is quite different-- take it to a guitar tech for a professional setup! Just adjust the two posts. Keep going until you feel the string move to accommodate the feeler gauge. --how much to turn, which direction--strings are about 1/4" + from the neck at the pickup end of the neck, would like to get them down to 1/8", no time to take it to a shop , need it done quickly. To do this, do i need to adjust the truss rod? those tiny allen bolts on the saddles will raise and lower the strings. The two lowest strings buzz a tiny bit at the 12th fret, but not bad. If higher, move the saddle away. I got my first strat about a year ago, and I absolutely love it.. Tips The string contour is preset and the saddles are not individually adjustable for the tremolo bridge on some Strats. My son ran into Rev. So, I got my new MIM Strat on Friday, and the factory setup is decent, but the action is probably twice as high as it should be. Paste as plain text instead, × be careful though and only lower them a little and play around to see how it feels. So, take a shot at the action adjustment at the saddles and do the intonation too. Bring those down. Ok gentlemen...I admit I am a knucklehead...but how in the world do you lower the action on a strat copy with a tremolo bridge. Just know that you can expect the intonation to be off (guitar is in tune, but chords and scales may sound sour). × but if you are wanting those strings lower and do not want to wait to see a tech, try lowering the saddles and if you'd like i can try and walk you through how to re-intonate the guitar. Is it as simple as taking off the back metal plate and turning the truss rod(?)   Your link has been automatically embedded. that should definately wait until youve seen a tech do it, and ask questions and make sure you understand from him what exactly he is doing - what he is looking for, and all that good stuff. You can start at the nut & check the action from the first fret, but most likely that doesn't need adjusting. thats the beauty of this method. I want to try lowering the saddles myself, but Ive never done it myself before. If the 12th fret note is lower, move the saddle piece closer to the nut. For the piano and other keyboard-based instruments, action simply refers to the feel of the keys under the fingers. I think that the truss rod adjustment could probably be left out for now, unless for some reason you have changed string gauges or switched to a lower tuning. There's quite a bit of material on setups on the the web. give this a couple runs on the neck and frets, you can eyeball it too. Pick up the latest issue of Premier Guitar mag. Can someone direct me to a website or tell me how to lower the action on my new (privately purchased) 90s Mexican strat? Warning: You can only lower the action at the nut. You must log in or register to reply here. By lagarto, November 17, 2005 in Electric Guitars, Can someone direct me to a website or tell me how to lower the action on my new (privately purchased) 90s Mexican strat? What kind of strat? Getting a good setup the first time, even with the instructions, takes time - a lot of trial and error. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Thank you all..I will try to adjust the bolts on the bridge as suggested earlier, anything else is too risky probably for me to attempt---I will get it to a professional asap otherwise, I can live with minor adjustments for the moment. It makes it really hard to play with the fact that I suck. You should probably adjust the saddles. © 1995-2019 Harmony Central, Inc. All rights reserved. Upload or insert images from URL.   You cannot paste images directly. truss rod adjustments are for the neck and not to simply lower the strings. Start with the smallest feeler gauge and move up to the next largest. I like to check the neck relief before altering string height. Powered by Invision Community. Who will refuse to watch "The Pedal Movie" on principle alone. Do this for all strings one at a time. You can also adjust pickup height when you're done. BUT REMEMBER, go with the grain. Use a radii gauge so that you don't have some crazy problem with the rest of the strings. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. You can post now and register later. Billy G. last night!!! If so, get the string height where you want it without buzzing. However, I would love to have the action a LITTLE lower. Raise or lower each saddle as in steps 1 through 3 using a higher or lower target measurement to adjust the action to your liking. Those are easy and can't possibly hurt the guitar. Is the neck fairly straight? Or do I just lower the saddle heights? Is it as simple as taking off the back metal plate and turning the truss rod(?) Clearly you are not every experienced so I suggest you stick with adjusting the saddles or take it to a pro. However, I would love to have the action a LITTLE lower. its not hard but it needs to be done - otherwise like i mentioned when you play a chord - some of the notes/strings will sound out of tune. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. the truss rod is also something that is part of the "balance" of a guitar.   Your previous content has been restored. Then the neck relief, then get the string tension right on the floating bridge, and finally get the action where you want it. Clear editor. If you alter neck relief and/or string height the intonation must be reset. They have a good article on setting up a strat, You might have to level the frets first. Then adjust string height at the nut/saddles. If you are serious, and not someone just starting a troll thread, get a professioanl setup first....then browse Stewmac's website for some guitar maintenance books and educate yourself. these guys are trying to save you a huge headache! when you lower the strings - you will notice the chords may not sound in tune after you tune the guitar up. Assuming you've got a classic trem on there, each string saddle has two tiny allen bolts that dictate string height. Then pickup height. That gives you more room to get the action down. I got my first strat about a year ago, and I absolutely love it.. I lowered the saddles a little. that is because by lowering the strings you have messed with the balance of the guitar - in this case the scale (from nut to saddle) and you will need to re-intonate the guitar to accomodate the lower strings. To do this, do i need to adjust the truss rod? This is a shortcut, incomplete method, but I have done it this way and it works pretty well. For a first class action set, either learn what is … If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. A good start might be a CAREFUL, step-by-step reading of Fender's own tutorial on doing a set-up on a Stratocaster: You usually don't need adjust the saddles to adjust the action on a two-point floating vibrato system (such as the American Standard/Series). Or do I just lower the saddle heights? Start with adjusting the relief on your neck using the truss rod.

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