THE APP BUILDER will generate two different apps—a development app and a distribu-tion app. See our. You are now leaving and will be automatically redirected to LinkedIn Learning to access your learning content. MICHELA, la poesia di una Principessa cacciatrice di tramonti por This publication is available for purchase in print and Kindle editions. Beginning with the basics, this book provides an outline of the steps necessary to set up an iOS development environment. This course is the first of a two-part Essential Training series for new iOS developers. that you just might be able to create yourself Check out my course on iOS essentials Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. buy apps developed for their iOS devices. With my course, you'll be able to go from being completely new to iOS development to understanding the most important concepts in just a few hours. iOS 12 Development Essential Training: 1 Fundamentals, UI, and Architecture. what I wished I knew from the beginning Here he shares his experience and knowledge with you. iPhone/iPad Essentials iOS 12 Features Bob Newcomb October 4, 2018 1 iOS 12 upgrade • If you can use iOS 11, you can use iOS 12 • iPhone 5S and newer • All iPad Pros • iPad Air and newer • iPad Mini 2 and newer • iPad Touch 6 Which devices can upgrade 2 Auto upgrade • When installing iOS 12 it asks you to allow auto software upgrade This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course. One suggestion found. iOS 13 & Swift 5 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp From Beginner to iOS App Developer with Just One Course! Apple requires both apps to be signed by a valid “certificate” before they can run on the iPad. 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Identifying if you have an Intel or PowerPC based Mac, Adding Your Apple ID to the Xcode Preferences, Developer and Distribution Signing Identities, Building and Running an iOS 9 App in Xcode 7, An Exploded View of the User Interface Layout Hierarchy, Swift 2 Data Types, Constants and Variables, Returning Multiple Results from a Function, The Basics of Object Oriented Programming in Swift 2, Declaring and Initializing a Class Instance, Initializing and Deinitializing a Class Instance, An Introduction to Swift Subclassing and Extensions, Extending the Functionality of a Subclass, Working with Array and Dictionary Collections in Swift 2, Building and Running the Sample Application, Building and Running the Finished Application, Content Hugging and Compression Resistance Priorities, Working with iOS 9 Auto Layout Constraints in Interface Builder, A Simple Example of Auto Layout in Action, Enabling and Disabling Auto Layout in Interface Builder, The Auto Layout Features of Interface Builder, Viewing, Editing and Deleting Constraints, Creating New Constraints in Interface Builder, Implementing iOS 9 Auto Layout Constraints in Code, Implementing Cross-Hierarchy Auto Layout Constraints in iOS 9, Writing the Code to Remove the Old Constraint, Understanding the iOS 9 Auto Layout Visual Format Language, Using the constraintsWithVisualFormat Method, Using Size Classes to Design Adaptable Universal iOS 9 User Interfaces, Working with Size Classes in Interface Builder, Associating a View Controller with a Scene, Triggering a Storyboard Segue Programmatically, Organizing Scenes over Multiple Xcode Storyboard Files, Organizing Scenes into Multiple Storyboards, Establishing a Connection between Different Storyboards, Using Xcode 7 Storyboards to Create an iOS 9 Tab Bar Application, Understanding View Controllers in a Multiview Application, Setting up the Tab Bar Example Application, Adding the View Controllers for the Content Views, Adding the Tab Bar Controller to the Storyboard, Designing the View Controller User interfaces, Understanding Subviews and Arranged Subviews, Adding Subviews to an Existing Stack View, Adding the Final Subviews to the Top Level Stack View, An iOS 9 Split View Master-Detail Example, Connecting Master Selections to the Detail View, Multitasking and the Master-Detail Split View, willTransitionToTraitCollection(_:withTransitionCoordinator:), viewWillTransitionToSize(_:withTransitionCoordinator:), Creating the Multitasking Example Project, Designing the Regular Width Size Class Layout, Testing the Project in a Multitasking Environment, Implementing a Page based iOS 9 Application with UIPageViewController, The UIPageViewController Delegate Protocol, An Example iOS 9 UIPageViewController Application, The Xcode Page-based Application Template, Running the UIPageViewController Application, Working with Directories in Swift on iOS 9, The NSFileManager, NSFileHandle and NSData Classes, Obtaining a Reference to the Default NSFileManager Object, Identifying the Current Working Directory, Getting the Attributes of a File or Directory, Checking if a File is Readable/Writable/Executable/Deletable, Reading and Writing Files with NSFileManager, Working with Files using the NSFileHandle Class, iOS 9 Directory Handling and File I/O in Swift – A Worked Example, Checking the Data File on Application Startup, Preparing an iOS 9 App to use iCloud Storage, Preparing an Application to Use iCloud Storage, Enabling iCloud Support for an iOS 9 Application, Managing Files using the iOS 9 UIDocument Class, Implementing the Application Data Structure, Using iCloud Storage in an iOS 9 Application, Preparing the iCloudStore Application for iCloud Access, Implementing the metadataQueryDidFinishGathering Method, Enabling iCloud Document and Data Storage, Reviewing and Deleting iCloud Based Documents, Synchronizing iOS 9 Key-Value Data using iCloud, An Overview of iCloud Key-Value Data Storage, Receiving Notification of Key-Value Changes, Enabling the Application for iCloud Key Value Data Storage, iOS 9 Database Implementation using SQLite, Preparing an iOS Application Project for SQLite Integration, An Example SQLite based iOS 9 Application using Swift and FMDB, Creating and Preparing the SQLite Application Project, Implementing the Code to Save Data to the SQLite Database, Implementing Code to Extract Data from the SQLite Database, Working with iOS 9 Databases using Core Data, Setting the Attributes of a Managed Object, Retrieving Managed Objects based on Criteria, Accessing the Data in a Retrieved Managed Object, Saving Data to the Persistent Store using Core Data, Retrieving Data from the Persistent Store using Core Data, Building and Running the Example Application, An Introduction to CloudKit Data Storage on iOS 9, Push Notifications and CloudKit Subscriptions, Registering an App to Receive Push Notifications, Implementing the didReceiveRemoteNotification Method, Completing the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions Method, An Overview of iOS 9 Multitouch, Taps and Gestures, Forwarding an Event to the Next Responder, An Example iOS 9 Touch, Multitouch and Tap Application, The Example iOS 9 Tap and Touch Application, Building and Running the Touch Example Application, Detecting iOS 9 Touch Screen Gesture Motions, Identifying Gestures using iOS 9 Gesture Recognizers, Recognizing Long Touch (Touch and Hold) Gestures, Testing the Gesture Recognition Application, An iOS 9 3D Touch Force Handling Tutorial, Adding the UIView Subclass to the Project, Locating the drawRect Method in the UIView Subclass, Creating the Quick Actions Example Project, Adding a Static Quick Action to the Project, Adding, Removing and Changing Dynamic Quick Actions, Adding the UIViewControllerPreviewDelegate, Assigning the Detail Controller Storyboard ID, Basic iOS 9 Animation using Core Animation, Receiving Notification of Animation Completion, Creating the Animation Example Application, Detecting Screen Touches and Performing the Animation, Building and Running the Animation Application, Implementing UIKit Dynamics in an iOS 9 Application, Combining Behaviors to Create a Custom Behavior, Creating the UIKit Dynamics Example Project, Implementing a Spring Attachment Between two Views, An Introduction to iOS 9 Sprite Kit Programming, An iOS 9 Sprite Kit Level Editor Game Tutorial, Reviewing the SpriteKit Game Template Project, Modifying the GameScene SpriteKit Scene File, Triggering the Named Action from the Code, An iOS 9 Sprite Kit Collision Handling Tutorial, Assigning the Category Masks to the Sprite Nodes, Configuring the Collision and Contact Masks, An iOS 9 Sprite Kit Particle Emitter Tutorial, Experimenting with the Particle Emitter Editor, Bursting a Ball using Particle Emitter Effects, Setting the Preferred Content Size in Code, Opening the Containing App from the Extension, Creating an iOS 9 Photo Editing Extension, Designing the Action Extension User Interface, Returning the Modified Data to the Host App, Receiving Data from an iOS 9 Action Extension, Importing the Mobile Core Services Framework, Accessing the iOS 9 Camera and Photo Library, Creating and Configuring a UIImagePickerController Instance, Configuring the UIImagePickerController Delegate, iOS 9 Video Playback using AVPlayer and AVPlayerViewController, The AVPlayer and AVPlayerViewController Classes, Adding a Security Exception for an HTTP Connection, Creating AVPlayerViewController Instance from Code, An iOS 9 Multitasking Picture in Picture Tutorial, An Overview of Picture in Picture Multitasking, Adding Picture in Picture Support to the AVPlayerDemo App, Playing Audio on iOS 9 using AVAudioPlayer, Adding an Audio File to the Project Resources, Creating and Initializing the AVAudioPlayer Object, Implementing the AVAudioPlayerDelegate Protocol Methods, Recording Audio on iOS 9 with AVAudioRecorder, An Overview of the AVAudioRecorder Tutorial, Preparing and Submitting an iOS 9 Application to the App Store, Verifying the iOS Distribution Certificate, Archiving the Application for Distribution, Configuring the Application in iTunes Connect, Validating and Submitting the Application,

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