Question 8: (i) Define the term Heavy Industries, (ii) State the importance of the heavy engineering industries in the industrial development of India. (C) Russia Question 17: A city in India where MIG aircraft are manufactured. Recently, Bokaro and Talcher also started supplying coal to Rourkela. Answer, Question 2. The by – products of sugar industry are molasses and bagasse. (ii) Mention any one problem faced by the Iron and Steel Industry in India. India ranks second to ________ in the production of cotton fabrics. Question 4: Mention two reasons why petrochemical products are replacing traditional raw materials. Visl iron and steel plant bhadravathi karnataka Sanjay Gowda. Cotton textile industry – Ahmedabad, Surat, and Kanpur On the basis of character of raw material and finished product, iron and steel industry belongs to which category? Question 4: Briefly write about ‘Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Works’? Question 18. (iii) Coal is secured from Raniganj, Jharia, Talcher and Korba coal fields. What are its characteristics? Indian hardware and software is in great demand world wide. The famous iron ore deposits of Bailadila will be able to supply high grade iron ore to Vishakhapatnam. Locate and label the following items on the given map with appropriate symbols. Question 16. Kolkata 2. Answer: At Parambur near Chennai and Kapurthala in Punjab. Most ambitious among all the steel plants in India, Bokaro steel plant was constructed with former Soviet collaboration and financial assistance. (ii) Mention the names of some mini Steel plants which are proposed, planned and operating projects. ► (c) Many industries tend to come together to make use of the advantages offered by the urban centres. Question 8: Why has the electronics industry grown in importance? What are the facilities enjoyed by ‘Visvesvaraya Iron and Steel Works’? Loading... Unsubscribe from Sanjay Gowda? Indira Gandhi International airport Bagasse is used in the manufacture of paper and as fuel. What are the uses of molasses and bagasse? Features are marked by numbers in the given map of India. Jaipur Its retail stores are spanning across Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telengana, Gujurat, Orrisa etc. Manufacturing Industries are placed in: 31. Answer: Salem Steel Plant in Tamil Nadu and Kudremukh iron-ore project in Karnataka. Visakhapatnam Steel Plant: After nearly 20 years delay, this steel plant was finally inaugu­rated in 1990. Answer, Question 5. Answer: Bhilai: Russia. from Kolkata). Which river provides the water facilities for IISCO plant? (A) Pune Durgapur: U.K. Bokaro: Russia. This map shows the software technology parks in India. Molasses is used in the preparation of alcoholic drinks and manure. Answer: It is a basic industry because other manufacturing industries, e.g., machine tools, locomotives, railway rolling stock, shipbuilding, depend on Steel. (c) The development of the health status. The main market, Calcutta, is a mere 165 km south-east of Durgapur. After two decades of delay this steel plant has finally reached the take-off stage and inaugu­rated in 1990. Copyright 10. Question 39. Where does Rourkela Steel Plant get its raw material. Question 7: Name one iron-ore project in Tamil Nadu and one in Karnataka. Sixty percent of sugar mills are concentrated in which of the followingstates? Give an example of an industry in each of the two sectors. State the importance of Electronics in Defence. After nearly 20 years delay, this steel plant was finally inaugu­rated in 1990. Mention two main requirements of heavy engineering industries. Technical collaboration and know-how was received from Tiajpromex port of former USSR. 6. 6. IISCO 3. Give One Important Centre of Production of the Following: Give one important centre of production of the following: Name two cities that have leading Software Companies. Technology Park dedicated to electronics, software and other Information Technology ventures. It does wonders in the field of entertainment, defence equipment and medical diagnosis. Answer: The development of this industry has become a powerful tool of socio – economic change. Question 12: Give reasons why tree plantation is essential in and around heavy industrial areas. Answer: MCQ Questions for Class 10 Social Science with Answers was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. Karnataka is one of the pillars of the national iron and steel industry. Answer: The main advantages of Mini Steel Plants are: (i) Their location at convenient points help to meet steel requirements of far flung areas and thus help in promoting a balanced regional growth. Name the private sector iron and steel plant of India. Which one of the following groups of states have the largest number of cotton textile centres? Answer: (i) In 1907, in Jamshedpur. Where was the first paper mill set up in India? Tiscrom steel produced by the Tata Steel Plant achieved very good patronage from the consumers. Answer: At Kapurthala in Punjab. Of these, 4 are in the private sector and 10 in the public sector. This map shows the cotton, woolen, and silk textile industries of India. List the major industrial regions in India. Which one of the following factors has least influence on the location of industries? 1. The Vijaynagar Steel Plant at Hosapete in Karnataka was developed using indigenous technology. Question 30. Manganese: Noamundi. (ii) Diesel locomotives—Chittaranjan in West Bengal. Answer: (i) High quality coking coal is obtained from Raniganj and Jharia. Answer: Tata Iron and Steel Industry, Jamshedpur. (B) paper It was constructed in 1959, with Russian technological know-how. So it got help from the government and all other sectors of society. Answer: (i) Raw material availability and excellent transport facilities. In addition, there are 199 mini steel plants set up in different parts of the country. Answer: This was a pioneer attempt from a private sector in the steel industry. The components of the IT industry are hardware and software. (D) Indonesia Describe the distribution of cotton textile industry in India. Vishakhapatnam as a site for steel industry enjoys certain merits: 1.

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