I also hear the ice maker turning to dump ice but because there’s no water, there’s no ice to dump. Appendix: Diagnosing refrigerator defrost problems in ADC-controlled machines; NOTE: The diagnosis and repair procedures in this manual do not necessarily apply to brand-new LG refrigerators, newly-installed refrigerators or recently relocated refrigerators. Can’t find the reset button. And yes, inlet valve can be partially clogged by calcium deposits. The way how it looks on the picture THATS NORMAL. What a nightmare. By the time the tech arrived, everything was working fine. There was an interesting simple trick the tech did to determine this: with the French doors open, he placed an ordinary magnet on the upper left front door front-facing hinge. There is a class action lawsuit covering your problem. Call LG and ask about 10 years warranty on the compressor. Glenn, if the ice maker is bad, it will not send a signal to the inlet valve to open, so water will not flow through fill tube. We are somewhat handy so likely could replace parts. LF Model LTCS24223D/03. But how can I defrost the fans? The leak is coming from around the plastic inlet housing and pouring down the back of the fridge whenever the lower ice tray valve energizes. I have it at -4. Only by unplugging fridge for 24 hours, i guess. I apricate your help! It should reset board. This needed hot water to be poured to loosen and clean. Ice maker makes ice but won’t dump the ice until I hit the reset. Still, the ice maker is not making ice. Troubleshooting done: Temp setting at 33 fridge, -1 freezer. PO LIN. Thank you in advance for your help. The freezer now makes noise after opening and closing the door. Quit making ice out of the blue. What can I do next. Not sure if you received my other message. The lower end of the ice maker door (inside the fridge) presents condensation (that obviously eventually turns into ice). Thanks. The water then freezes the ice bin in the unit. Your advice? Is it behind the control panel? [Solved] Fridge leaking water inside. That’s not dangerous, My LG refrigerator ice maker not working we already replace water filter and it still doesn’t make ice could it be the ice maker we need to replace it. The freezer seems to have a hard time cooling down now and the ice production has slowed down. Icemaker and door leaking into compartment on an LG French door LFXS29766S. Any ideas? I also noticed that the ice plus function doesn’t appear to be working- I used to hear a fan kick in when I pressed it but no longer hear it. If you have a multimeter, check the resistance of the valve coils. In the end, turns out outside of the evaporator fan being replaced as you suggested, the Assembly Motor/Fan which is responsible for sending the air in the freezer to the ice machine compartment had failed. The ice maker assembly I have is Part: AEQ73209904. The ice tray on mine is leaking as it refills. Put in new filter, new water inlet valve, still no water. Turn water tap OFF 2. Has worked perfect for 5 years now is freezing up at fill tube or water line itself. Any idea on what could be causing this? After it dumps the ice into the bucket it makes a horrible knocking noise. But from the other side, inlet valve also can fail electrically or mechanically and not allowing water to flow. Is there are anything you can think of Eugene? Any suggestions? I assume from condensation. So it doesn’t produce ice automatically because it doesn’t fill with water unless the door is open. You can try this: 1. One for the water and 2nd for ice maker. I have the EXACT same problem with my ice maker. It has an on/off switch but I haven’t found any way to do a reset. It doesn’t look like I can replace the line itself from the inlet valve to the ice maker, or can I? All good there. Check insulation on the water tube or line. Thanks again for your help. I did unplug the unit for 30 seconds and I reset the ice machine. What about optic sensors on the side, they are clean? Thank you, Some of the causes: Weak water pressure, Partially clogged inlet valve (there are 2 of them, one for the water dispenser and second one for the ice maker), My LG ice maker bowl filled with water and not freeze. This model has the test button which is activated via a paper clip. My water dispenser is working fine but my ice maker is not producing ice because it is not getting any water. I have run the test, and the ice maker completes the self test. Hi, I have an LG top refrigerator, bottom pull out drawer freezer. The Defrost problem can be confirmed by removing food from the freezer. Ice maker worked great for first 2 years. We have an LG French door refrigerator that has an ice machine in the door and one in the bottom refresher. Turned the water back on. Do we need to replace the entire ice maker? You need to take ice maker out and see if any mechanical parts misplaced or broken. Could it be the Control board? hello Linda, seems like you have a major problem with cooling. thank you i will, i appreciate your time, cheers. The recommended temperature of the freezer is -4 degrees F, which is exactly -20 degrees Celsius. In this situation, i would check the inlet valve if its getting power once you reset ice maker. Ser GQ78068092, so my Lg bottom freezer fridge suddenly has quit making Ice. Today we are trying to let it dry/thaw on its own by unplugging the refrigerator freezer and leaving it open. I replaced with a brand new ice maker and still doing the same. I’m left with either icemaker itself or control board?? In order to check the inlet valve, you just need Multimeter. Don’t know if it’s fixable or just a horrible design. Hi Eugene, Thank you for all your insight. I use conditioned water throughout home so should not be calcium buildup. It appears the ice maker is dumping the ice before the inside of the cubes are frozen, the water drains into the bin and I get a large solid cube and no ice cubes. When I take out the ice maker unit and defrost it, then replace it it makes ice for a few cycles. Try to remove an ice maker and clean water tube from deposits which fills ice maker, maybe during fill, water is splashing due partially clogged water tube at the end. Finally got a replacement ice maker unit. You need to apply magnet to simulate door closed and feel if cold air coming out from the vents (see the ice maker on the right side). 4 degrees is actually -15 deg C. It will work at that higher temperature, but take longer to produce ice. Great information here! If FULL is shown on the display after the procedure above, Ice-detecting sensor is abnormal. Fill sensors are clean. Water is coming through the water dispenser. Not sure. I have a LG LMXS30776S and the ice maker is not getting any water after off/on and reset at the bottom of the ice maker. What’s left? From the diagram, it looks like the inlet valve behind the fridge is 619A and the one in the door is 619B. Using a magnet to simulate closed door, I get 8 degrees of cold air with enough fan pressure to easily get to the ice room. Ice maker making ice as it should. I also tested both sides of the water valve without the tubes connected just to see what would happen. Over and over and over this happens. I have tried reseting and nothing happens. LG French door LFC24770ST — not the in-door ice-cube maker but the kind in the freezer. 4. Feel free to ask any questions about repairs. I have now per your advise checked temperatures in freezer…..set at -4 But temp gauge says +15. In the end, saved me tons of money to repair instead of buying a new unit that was surely to fail in time anyway based on how refrigerators are being built today: known in their industry as Planned Obsolescence.

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