Physical evidence for ancient metallurgy existed in the form of large slag heaps but there was no contemporary mining. Metallurgy and metal working 783,000 345,000. The reheating furnace process computer system goals are mainly dynamic production process control, process operation records tracking, and production process optimization with. Examples of metallurgy in a sentence: 1. 1. This Latin treatise on mining and metallurgy had remained the standard text-book for almost 200 years after its appearance; the translation, with introduction, annotations, and appendices, was a pious memorial to a pioneer contributor to the knowledge of a great profession. The earliest discoveries in inorganic chemistry are to be found in the metallurgy, medicine and chemical arts of the ancients. Reference should also be made to the articles Metallurgy and ELECTROMetallurgy. He thus achieved distinction in both ferrous and non-ferrous. Cupric sulphide, CuS, occurs in nature as the mineral covellite. Chemical Supplies, Scrap, Foundry, Metallurgy, Metal, Scrap, Chemicals and Other Related Products. Standard works on the metallurgy of gold are the treatises of T. Of these the more important are noticed under Metallurgy; here we may notice the rarer minerals. 2. In 1766, tired of sea-life, he went to study chemistry at Leipzig, and afterwards devoted himself to metallurgy and assaying at his native place with such success that in 1780 he was appointed chemist to the Freiberg foundries by the elector of Saxony. These facts make the metallurgy of mercury very simple. metallurgy of iron is a subject that we should all know more about. In this article, the design of wet gas tank used in, 25. ; H. Hofman, Hydrometallurgy of Silver (1907); C. Schnabel, Metallurgy, translated by H. Metallurgy gives us steel with which we can fashion either swords or plowshares. 2. Shaking ladle is also called shaking furnace, the equipment is used to process metal liquid in. The furnaces employed for steam-raising or for heating buildings are invariably of the first type (see Boiler and Heating), while those employed in metallurgy are generally of the second. Two years of study, postwar, mining and, 5. Other substances are also used, but more commonly in assaying than in metallurgy. The metallurgy and uses of aluminium are treated in detail in P. Moissonnier, L' Aluminium (Paris, 1903); in J. metallurgy in a sentence There are discussions of metallurgy and the physics of cutting wood. In 1943 he was appointed lecturer and then Professor of Physical, 20. 1. (See above, Metallurgy.) The site is divided into two main sections: underlying metallurgy and six stages of steel production. The experime This is partly owing to the understandings that it has provided, in certain technologically important areas such as chemistry and, 24. Clark, Australian Mining and Metallurgy; Karl Schmeisser, Goldfields of Australasia; A. Here also bewildering products of ancient metallurgy tax the imagination as to the processes involved, and questions of acculturation also interfere with true scientific results. They have departments of architecture, building, civil engineering, chemistry, metallurgy and, in some cases, anatomy. Other papers looked at chariot designs, metallurgy and genetic evidence. Hiking Sue, a graduate from London's Imperial College in 1979, has degrees in materials science and, 22. 4. Percy, The Metallurgy of Lead (London, 1870); H. Charleton, Tin Mining; Henry Louis, The Production of Tin, and C. Schnabel, Handbook of Metallurgy (English trans. Pachuca has some fine modern edifices, among which are the palace of justice, a scientific and literary institute, a school of mines and metallurgy, founded in 1877, a meteorological observatory and a public library. General statistical information, and improvements in the metallurgy, &c., are recorded annually in The Mineral Industry. The technical college is also carried on by the town council, the chief features of its curriculum being chemistry, metallurgy and engineering. 168+1 sentence examples: 1. They covered every imaginable subject from, 9. For the metallurgy see Walter Renton Ingalls, The Metallurgy of Zinc and Cadmium; Production and Properties of Zinc; A. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. The sources of copper, its applications and its metallurgy, have undergone great changes.

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