Drives well with lots of power, a fun car! If out-and-out handling isn’t crucial to you, the MINI One looks a far better proposition than ever. It's fun to drive, really nippy around town and good on the motorway too. The garage has failed to fix this but I have found a way to stop it when it happens. Had new exhaust recently, and new brake pads. I can get plenty of shopping into it and one comfortable passenger or three slightly more cramped ones. I've got 2 tall teenage boys who have enough leg and head room in the back, which is really surprising for a small car. I also infinitely prefer having a proper key rather than one of these odd fobs to slot into the dashboard with a start/stop button. Checked it on the dipstick to find almost a Zero reading!! to keep it on the road over the last year. Running costs aren't bad either and the petrol economy is very good. I don't plan to change my car for a very long time yet to come. If u want choose disel cars. I bought it from new and aside from routine servicing, it has needed very little doing to it. This car is definitely the perfect car for running around town and travelling to work around cities. Can't fault the performance and economic running costs, and there is a surprising capacity with the back seats folded down. More here. The boot is small, but it is surprising how much you can get in there, plus the rear seats fold down for those larger items. 4546950  |  VAT No. It’s also a lot more comfortable than before, especially over bumpy roads. nice car to drive,comfortable for 2 people only rear seat only suitable for small children(who can`t see out.Slightly underpowered with the one engine.fuel economy disappointing for a small car.Reliable apart from glitch with ecu just after getting car. I like the fact that my car has a pale interior. Top Gear reviews the Mini Hatch. Need fat tyres for a comfy ride. by: Joaquim Oliviera. While the old naturally aspirated engine only really got going at about 3,000rpm, this new turbo kicks in between 1,400rpm and 4,000rpm. There is a USB that you could use for an ipod, I think on newer models this should be a proper dock. Careless by me I know but I have never seen a puff of oil smoke from the exhaust, and the garage floor is clean. Pretty and FUN. We had the car from new and always properly serviced. The new turbo will be a lot cheaper to run, too, promising 61.4mpg economy and 108g/km emissions. Car has never let me down... any problems have come on gradually. It doesn’t necessarily look the part, but at least you’ve got some extra money to splash on stylish options. While MINI is busy introducing all-new models like the five-door and experimenting with concepts such as the Superleggera, it’s not forgetting the three-door. Compact sturdy car, top class performance, low on boot space but more than made up by ease of driving and parking choices. Contents [ show] Introduce. Many useful extras (dab radio, air con, automatic lights). MINI UK tell me that this is not right but two separate garages have told me that it is "within tolerances". The build quality is superb and it still looks and drives like a new car. My only criticism is that it can sometimes be a little heavy on fuel consumption when driving on motorways, but is very efficient on local roads when not being driven flat out. The quality of the car is very high, it's full of modern tech, and quality interior. And it’s largely down to the engine, which has helped create a car that feels almost as quick as the Cooper. Not all cars are I love it, it is responsive and holds the road really well. I feel very safe in it. Forty pounds of petrol lasts a long time and overall running costs are low. This is my second my first was the original style and I didn't think I would love the new style as much as I do. Until 60,000 miles it was great. A new entry-level MINI One has now been added to the range – starting from £13,750 – and Auto Express has driven it. It's very comfortable for one or two people but for four in a long journey it's understandable to say a bigger arias much better. I often only get 1000 miles to the litre of oil and it is very expensive oil. A rifle that was a while in the making. I have been very pleased with my mini and have no complaints about it. mechanically checked by the AA, Company No. I love my MINI except for its oil consumption. Read the full TG review inside. After 2.5k the oil warning light came on when I went round a corner a bit too sharply.

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