The stunning course and its contemporary Clubhouse will impress and delight you regardless of whether you’re a member, corporate guest or a casual visitor. >> >> << It would also welcome a covenant being placed on the land to guarantee it remains a public asset. But it would be better for everyone if the bulk of it was public land. MS�"�wY}�;��B=����$n�am�����\���a.���n�. If we had been in a position to close it sooner, we would have. /Type/Page /GS0 273 0 R It’s anticipated employment opportunities will exist with the development and maintenance of the North Lakes Common. v�%Ia��6��uw��_������D;#��KDf���a�Xx�Xd.� Kr&�PLT����bT��*�U�bT.~��go�ƈR���-V�I�f�m���>{���� @��`��H[\0��e9�E�(!�_��P�ڜf�̂�/S���3�v��x�""*�*j`�C�#AySP�YR�&�Н!,1k�:�t.��w�ǐ�r��H0JA����\�����-�L�!n8�ި{ȯqo�6�yW���]��\Q�����g�c�x�����XW} << That could be parklands, community gardens, cycling and cross country facilities, sports fields and educational opportunities but the project team is open to feedback on what you think might be a good fit. ��\5c�ɬk jm3��W���׋�&� ���"eL��x���C���l_1o⡘e�.�����֓���N���-)#C�֟�5 �õ�j_�P����0�3��{���Mh���w� �v�| H��|nR���K���44�Aú�A���@_�p*Ys���–�^�Z�� ���M!�-op�WX-i]�z�����E����EtG��!����: Thousands of homes around all sides of the Golf course have been have been sold at inflated premium rates, as they have golf course views whether they back on to the course or face the course. >> /Resources /MediaBox[0 0 595 842] “Given the differing views of residents and the land owner, Council has been more than happy to facilitate this agreement between the two parties,” he said. However, the golf course, practice facilities, restaurant, and function space will continue to operate until then. stream Play soon and find out why the best Brisbane golf course keeps getting better and better. >> Within these two defined uses, there are many forms of activities that are permitted to occur without any further approval from the council, such as outdoor recreation including sports activities, riding schools, open-air recreation including organised sporting activities of educational institutions, kiosks, band stands, outdoor amphitheatres, picnic areas and the various requirements to support these uses such as car parking areas, structures and paths. /ColorSpace Lets get a minimum of 10,000 signatures on the online petition & send a clear message to the Moreton Bay Regional Council, State Government & Federal Government that the sale of such a wonderful green space - home to so much wildlife & such a magnificent community hub - is simply not on. /CS0 272 0 R << This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google. President of Save North Lakes Golf Course Andrew Cathcart, the community group fighting against development of the site, said the proposal raised more questions than it answered. stream Arguably one of Queensland’s best championship golf courses, it is without doubt one of the most beautiful places to play golf in Brisbane. /ProcSet[/PDF/Text] << No development application has been submitted to the Council yet. Not only is North Lakes Resort Golf Club one of the most beautiful & best courses in the Brisbane region, it is the focal point of a thriving community that boasts a population of 21,000+ residents (as at the 2011 Census). endobj In fact, several residents and even businesses have been putting up signs outside their homes to show their support on the Save North Lakes Golf Course initiative. << %���� /Group /ExtGState This golf course was built around the community of North Lakes right from the beginning, it wasn't an after thought however the guy running it is an accountant and has no interest in the golf course except for "trying" to sell it to a developer for a retirement village. “Everyone said you’ve got to consider North Lakes. If the course was to be redeveloped these native animal species will surely end up dead, as they simply have no where else to go in the community. We think that would mean everybody loses. The objective is that North Lakes Common will provide exceptional community amenity and assist with neighbouring property values. /S/Transparency They have been advised and will receive their full entitlements. /ExtGState Much of the North Lakes site is due to remain as open space, so figuring a way to keep nine holes open or perhaps convert part of the property into a par three golf course deserved to be explored. The retirement village component of the proposed development would be accessed via Bridgeport Drive in the same location as the existing clubhouse. Another petition has been submitted to the State Government. >> Rather than admonish residents for not playing enough golf at North Lakes to make it a viable business, the truth is that the golf course was too difficult for the market and a challenge for newcomers. South of that is are area for “habitat and passive recreation” which is situated alongside the proposed retirement village. /Length 1462 They become the property of The Village Retirement Group. TVRG is proposing to develop between 200-240 one-storey independent living units and a three-storey 100-bed aged-care facility. Currently, there are persistent infestations of the invasive water weed, Salvinia molesta, through the ponds on the site. The local community is particularly concerned about the implications of the development on the environment. Census data shows current population of people aged over 70 within in a 10km radius of North Lakes is 49,944. /Group VRG plans to dedicate 85% or 57 hectares of the land to open space, environmental protection, and possible future sport and recreation use. This public park, “North Lakes Common”, would be 57 hectares of publicly accessible open space in the heart of North Lakes. The development’s indicative timeline shows that the developer will consider community feedback and lodge the development application in the last quarter of 2018. These contributions were made and declared by TVRG in accordance with the relevant legislation at the time of the donation. Will you do the same? What happens if you can’t get support and approvals for your plan? << /StructParents 3 The Village Retirement Group and North Lakes Resort Golf Club offered the opportunity for community members to learn about the sale and engage with the project team at a series of community information sessions at the club. The course in beautifully manicured and provides luscious green space in an area where there are several smaller green spaces but nothing on the level of the North Lakes Resort Golf Club. What about jobs in the future if the proposal goes ahead? We just need to make our voices heard. /Font /C2_0 278 0 R /C2_2 288 0 R North Lakes residents David and Margaret Orr said they moved to the area from Sydney because of the golf course and green space. /Font << ]�6>�/8����._O{���7���&y5��I��f�_�g�iL�b�N��WR��*�.gp��}�Y�\���Օ!��B�̿`{�h�����Y������D����܅ޞ�ȷ}��a9��8���yr��ک}/e_;v���iV����oچob�/M_M�>AK&�{������!�2Չ�� ��.� �k�E>[��}�g�1 ��I#j�?֌d��%��3XP�?�/6�< @���k�!�}��,Jh���U���,�>oB�+� yf� It has already gathered  2,736 signatures and will be closing on 1 February 2019. “There is no intention to lodge a DA until this process has run its course.”. But we think Council and the Government should be looking to take it over and keep it as a community asset. All three wedding bookings will be refunded their deposits and offered some compensation for their inconvenience. The scope of any job opportunities will become available when the plan for the Common is fully developed. /Type/Page There are a range of uses that are permitted under the existing planning legislation and do not require approval. endobj What uses are permitted by the council sector plan? The online petition was sponsored by Labor MP for Bancroft Chris Whiting. © 2020 Family Radio Ltd ABN 12 067 249 281. SEE THE CONCEPT. The group currently have more than 3,500 members who are fighting the proposed development. All memberships expired on June 30 and have not been renewed. The plan is to enhance the existing vegetation to provide wildlife habitat.

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