Freeform shapes and contemporary patterns reflected trends in interior design and a nation's enthusiasm for the modern. Although a relatively common pattern, groups of pieces and large vases can look spectacular. Postally unused (1984). This vase is sometimes known as 'the Holly Vase'. Poole Freeform was a new, more modern style, developed after WW2. We are Pattern Poole, a mother and daughter design team from Sydney Australia with the goal to create the ultimate POOLE of sewing patterns for any creative sewing project. 60 motifs en couleur' 1927/8. The reaction between the glaze and the colours in the kiln gave the pots a unique depth and warmth of colour. Beautiful 1970s Delphis Pattern (Poole Pottery) Posy Vase Decorated by Andree Fontana Stall2Boutique. Pattern EP to the right is painted by Anne Hatchard on red clay and pattern GEP to the left is painted by Marian Heath on white earthenware with a pink slip. modern art, Art Deco, Modernism, Art Deco Furniture, moderne, modernist, art deco, Art Deco Furniture and Paintings, Art Deco Furniture and Mirrors, Art Deco Furniture and Ceramics, American Art Deco Furniture, French Art Deco Furniture, Art Deco Lighting, Art Deco Ceiling Lights, Art Deco Sconces, Art Deco Chandelier, Art Deco Chandeliers, Art Deco Floor Lamps, Art Deco Lamps, Art Deco Table Lamps, Art Deco Desk, Art Deco Table, Art Deco Sofa, Art Deco Bed, Art Deco Chair, Art Deco Coffee…, A large and impressive Poole Pottery white earthenware vase (shape 154) decorated in the CS pattern designed by Truda (Adams) Carter and expertly painted by Myrtle Bond. Poole Pottery Decorative Gallery . Variants of the leaping gazelle design;  left pattern EZ shape 916 by Anne Hatchard,  centre pattern GA by Anne Hatchard, right pattern  EZ shape 846 (13 inches),  Ruth Pavely c1937. Where a pattern has a dominant colour, the first letter of the colour sometimes appears as a prefix to the pattern design - examples here are AX and GAX above and EP and GEP below. The bluebird pattern was one of the most popular Poole designs of the 1920's and 1930's Although a relatively common pattern, groups of pieces and large vases can look spectacular. From left to right, patterns VZ, GM and CA by Anne Hatchard. This is usually 2 or 3 letters, sometimes preceded by a slash ("/"). Above left - white earthenware of the vase showing through the pink slip where the pattern number has been incised. Height 25.5cm (10in), Poole pottery 'Holly' vase c.1930 from Andrew muir, This art deco pattern was adapted from a French wallpaper or textile design that can be seen framed hanging above this vase in the previous and following pictures (in the 'Jazz Age Poole' Exhibition set of photos). A similar vase from the Poole Pottery Museum was included in the Christies Museum sale in 2004. Designs which include clouds, geometric shapes and leaping deer - and vases with stepped handles - are all characteristic of this era. Right - shape 204 pattern SN on red clay by Marjorie Batt. The white earthenware base and pink slip date the vase between 1934 and 1937. The vase shape 966 by Mary Brown, 1926-1934 on red clay. Pattern NM shape 966 (above left) is a version of pattern AX in purple and yellow. The 12 inch vase above is shape 947 pattern HE by Marian Heath. Above - pattern DH plate on red clay by Mary Brown (1926-1934). Above - pattern MM by Mary Brown 1926-1934. The retail price in the early 1930's was 1 guinea. Poole Pottery is a pottery brand, based in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England. Poole Pottery identification of patterns and designs. Poole Freeform patterns were applied to a wide range of shapes, many of which were designed by Alfred Read and Guy Sydenham, two of Poole Pottery’s most creative talents. Patterns E and F are spectacular examples of geometric patterns which work well on large pieces. Website Design and SEO. The pattern usually has a sprayed green glaze but the right hand vase is a more unusual variant. Most traditional and contemporary Poole carries a pattern code. Above right -Truda Carter design from a pattern book belonging to the former Poole Pottery archives. Left OD by Anne Hatchard. Another good example of identical patterns in different colours is EP and its green counterpart GEP. Set Of 2 POOLE Pottery " Living Glaze " Art Vase Made in England Cobalt Interior Matching and replacing your discontinued. Welcome to Poole Pottery.Our online shop is home to a range of stylish artistic pieces, including handmade vases of all shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of other homeware gifts.

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