From the loftier mountains the moisture appears to be wafted to the lesser hills: the dews of Hermon fall on Zion. Verse 1.—"Behold how good and how pleasant it is," etc. Standing on this high place, we become one in faith, hope and love. A great deal of advantage comes by brethren's dwelling together in unity, especially spiritual advantage, and for the doing and receiving of good. ", Verse 3.—"The LORD commanded the blessing." Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. It is Satan that has sown these tares of division. The closer the unity the better; for the more of the good and the pleasant there will be. Facebook-twitter-g+-LinkedIN-Email. Christian unity is good in itself, good for ourselves, good for the brethren, good for our converts, good for the outside world; and for certain it is pleasant; for a loving heart must have pleasure and give pleasure in associating with others of like nature. A Bible Devotion from Psalm 133. The Lord is not likely to use for his glory those who are devoid of love; they lack the anointing needful to make them priests unto the Lord. He had loved God in a manner which exposed him to the charge of extravagance. As the dew of Hermon. 2. It is also a blessed sight when all the ministers of Jesus Christ, and many as members of Jesus Christ, join in any good work, in this especially, to beseech all we have to do with "that they receive not the grace of God in vain.". In judgment. When they join together and are one in affection, when they are all of one heart, though possibly they are not all of one mind; or, when they meet in affection, though not in opinion. Of David . b) Through it, godliness flourishes more than by a vaunted respectability. Never shall we know the full power of the anointing till we are of one heart and of one spirit; never will the sacred dew of the Spirit descend in all its fulness till we are perfectly joined together in the same mind; never will the covenanted and commanded blessing come forth from the Lord our God till once again we shall have "one Lord, one faith, one baptism." The second qualification is, the sweetness of it, because it is "pleasant:" it is not only bonum utile, and bonum honestum, but it is also bonum jucundum; it has a great deal of pleasure in it. Verse 2.—"Down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard: that went down to the skirts of his garments." One in affection. c) Because "by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body" (1 Corinthians 12:13), wherein unity must be kept: Ephesians 4:3. d) Because destined to "dwell together in unity", for ever in heaven; therefore we should aim at it here. Unlike most other mountains which gradually rise from lofty table-lands and often at a distance from the sea, Hermon starts at once to the height of nearly ten thousand feet, from a platform scarcely above the sea level. Let us love for evermore, and we shall live for evermore. 3. Look, then, how far forth God himself is said to be good, so far forth is this dwelling in unity good also, as it is commanded and owned by him, as it appears thus to be. David recognized this truth when he selected the profuse anointing of Aaron with the oil of consecration at his installation into the office of High Priest as a fit emblem of brotherly love. The same sentiment is expressed by Paul in other words (2Co 13:11; Phl 4:9), "Live in peace, and the God of peace shall be with you. TITLE.—A Song of Degrees of David. From the snows upon the lofty Hermon, the moisture raised by the sun is carried in the form of vapour, by the wind towards the lesser elevations of Zion, upon which it falls as a copious dew. The city crowns the hill and its Temple stood on a "mount." Verse 2.—"The precious ointment...that ran down." —William Digby Seymour. It is good morally. 3. Zion was fertilized by the dew, not by the grandeur of Hermon. He knew by experience the bitterness occasioned by divisions in families, and was well prepared to celebrate in choicest Psalm ody the blessing of unity for which he sighed. Therefore in Scripture we find him to be from hence denominated and entitled. Verse 3.—"As the dew of Hermon." The priestly intent is clear because the Psalm refers to Aaron, part of Israel’s priestly tribe. -------------------- The ointment was "holy," prepared in accordance with the Divine prescription: Exo 30:23-25. It penetrated everywhere, and saturated everything. Verse 3.—The chosen place for blessing. 1. 1. That's a blessed sight indeed, when we join with God, and God joins with us in his work. What a blessing for the world that there is a commanded place of blessing! Church union is sacred. Print. It is bonum utile. Church unity is of the Holy Spirit (1Co 13:13), through Jesus as mediator. As, First, in regard of the Author and owner of it, which is God himself, who lays special claim hereunto. So "he commands and we are blessed. Here as I sat at the foot of Hermon, I understood how the water-drops which rose from its forest mantled heights, and out of the highest ravines, which are filled the whole year round with snow, after the sun's rays have attenuated them and moistened the atmosphere with them, descend at evening time as a heavy dew upon the lower mountains which lie round about as its spurs. Brotherly concord and the improvement of it in all occasional expressions is a very great good. We know, indeed, from our own experience how far off a cold air coming from the Alps is perceptible, and produces its effects. It is a wonder seldom seen, therefore behold it! For Christians, the oil signifies worship, feasting, celebration in unity. Look, then, how far forth God himself is said to be good, so far forth is this dwelling in unity good also, as it is commanded and owned by him, as it appears thus to be. That ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard. They are brethren. -------------------- —Franz Delitzsch. 1. Holy concord is as dew, mysteriously blessed, full of life and growth for all plants of grace. The figure of the poet is therefore as true to nature as it is beautiful. of Scripture. Verse 3.—"As the dew of Hermon." By the anointing, Aaron became consecrated, and officially qualified to act as priest. Abraham made this name, "brethren", a mediator to keep peace between Lot and him: "Are we not brethren?" Thirdly. Verse 3.—"As the dew of Hermon," etc. As Hermon was more valuable to Zion for its dew than for its adornment of the landscape. Usernames should only contain letters, numbers, dots, dashes, or underscores. Therefore for the further commendation of this fraternal unity to us, there is this also to be considered, that it is "pleasant." First. These themes–abundance and unity–flow from Psalm 133. It is a wonder seldom seen, therefore behold it! Verse 3.—"As the dew of Hermon that descended upon the mountains of Zion."—. Where love reigns God reigns. "For there the LORD commanded the blessing, even life for evermore." 1. To this dew the poet likens brotherly love. c) Because "by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body" (1Co 12:13), wherein unity must be kept: Eph 4:3. d) Because destined to "dwell together in unity," for ever in heaven; therefore we should aim at it here. The oil was diffusive; it rested not on Aaron's head, but flowed down to the skirts of his garments. It seems to be no such great matter, nor to carry any such great difficulty in it, for men to command themselves to some expressions of peace and friendship for some short space of time (though there are many now and then who are hardly able to do that); but to hold out in it, and to continue so long, this endurance is almost impossible to them. "That ran down upon the beard, even Aaron's beard." It. A church united for years m earnest service of the Lord is a well of goodness and joy to all those who dwell round about it.

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