For a long time, my primary watercolor brand was Dr. Ph. We do not believe that the company meant to be intentionally misleading. The gum arabic fixes the paint to the support (usually paper or parchment). Paint swatch comparison of all three brands, you can see how different the MaimeriBlu looks compared to the other two brands. , Great review. , […] put the info below in the post from last week, but I’ll add it here too. The paints are made with honey, the pans aren’t as sticky as M. Graham or White Nights. The only major complaint was that the product is not sold in larger tubes, eliminating the possibility of purchasing a more economical size. I love his section on pigments, and there are a lot of tips throughout the book. Another positive aspect is that colours can be purchased individually to create a customized set. Since there are a lot of new people, and it was translated from German so it goes with the theme, I’m sharing it again. A very handy little colour reference guide is also included in the set, to demonstrate the actual colour of each paint once dried. That’s a small 4.25″x 6″ block below, I got it from Cheap Joe’s for $11.25, which was the best price I could find. The quality and compact size of the packaging were mentioned several times and many artists said that Pelikan Watercolour and Gouache Pan Sets are perfect for traveling. Our artists were delighted by the high pigment load and brightness of the colours and while most of them wet quite easily, there were one or two colours that proved to be more disappointing because they did not react well to water. Technical info available on Sennelier is affordable and a very nice watercolor. This brand is so lovely- comes in 10 ml and 21 ml tubes, half and full pans and sets, in 98 colors. Artists valued its moist consistency and the electric quality of the colours. As you can tell I am lurking here! This post reviews homemade travel palettes. Sorry for the late reply, I was out of town and offline. Hi Katrianna, the art supply world and advice world about them can be overwhelming. PROS: vibrant colours, good flow, includes a colour chart, CONS: the included brush is quite small, not a lot of room for mixing colours. Winsor & Newton offers 14 different products split between its “Cotman” student grade and professional line of watercolour pans, including field box sets and lightweight sketcher’s box sets As with the Winsor & Newton Watercolour tubes, both its student and professional grade pans are immensely popular with artists of all skill levels. Thanks so much Cathe! PROS: affordable, available in large quantities, high pigment load, CONS: air bubbles in the tubes, some colours can be a bit muddy. Naples Yellow Redish, Indian Yellow, Garnet Lake, Venetian Red, Cobalt Blue Light, Green Blue, Indigo. I used the bone folder approach you did too. This article is the third installment in our series exploring the best brands for the three main types of paint media: acrylic paints, oil paints and now watercolour paints. Cupric Green Deep (PG7) is = Schmincke Phthalo green (PG7) very similar. PROS: vibrant colours that do not muddy when mixed, CONS: no refill pans available, slow to react to water, expensive. Not entirely […]. I’m waiting to squeeze the samples into pans, it’s a lot of paint and I need to decide some stuff before I open them. Martin’s Hydrus watercolors. The second half of the post from last week had a price comparison of sets from different brands- here it is if you would like to check it out. Want to say hi and connect? Cheaper and room for more pans in the rails. Oh well, coulda woulda shoulda – all that matters: found you and your fabulous insights you share with us! Because M. Graham uses pure honey as an additive, its Artists’ Watercolours line dry well on the support, but not in the tubes. Paper makes a huge difference. Holbein produces two different lines of watercolour paint from its factory in Japan. Watercolour painting may be one of the oldest forms of artistic expression, dating back to the images that have been found inside caves of the Paleolithic period. I think it depends on your painting style- if you are going to use big brushes, little half pans might not be suitable, or maybe you like the type of palette MG comes with. But my favorite paint brands are Schmincke Horadam and Daniel Smith. I think I wrote to them sometime last year and they sent it. In June I visited Sennelier in Paris..a highlight!♥ Sold in full and half pans, 5ml and 15ml tubes, and numerous different sets. Please click image below or here – it takes you to the Art Room Aid Project on Dick Blick to donate. Then, this base is mixed with pigments and carefully ground. I thought I loved Lukas 1862 watercolor paints, but since receiving this Sennelier set I only like Lukas 1862, and love the Sennelier set! If you haven’t already joined the Facebook group for this first ever celebration of World Watercolor Month, come join us, we are having a lot of fun over there! What a super birthday gift! Shaped like a round make-up compact, this pan set includes 10 half pans of student grade watercolours and a small watercolour brush. Saving up for the much coveted daniel smith paints (they are like gold here….so very expensive but a dream to have). Many said that the colours did not leave behind a chalky residue when they dried on the support, but at least one reviewer noticed that the finish was a bit “streaky” and uneven. CHARLIE O’SHIELDS Hello, According to one reviewer, the colours quickly faded to brown when the painting was exposed to sunlight.

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