$26.02 $24.73. If your RV is equipped with a bed, you may have noticed that it’s not big enough to support a regular mattress. It’s an affordable gel memory foam mattress that’s good for you and your partner. The product is CertiPUR-US certified and is covered with a two-year limited warranty. We really like the comfort, price, and cooling power, but we’re less enthused about the quality control—different units appear to be packaged differently, and expand at a wide variety of rates after unboxing. In addition, the product is CertiPUR-US certified for durability, eco-friendliness, performance, and safety. Our budget pick is the Best Price Mattress Memory Foam Mattress. No mattress is going to please everybody, and those who like to sleep on a firmer surface will want an alternative without the pillow top. It’s made up of 1-inch memory foam as a top layer, a 2-inch soft foam mid-section, and a 3-inch supportive layer beneath. Not only does this mattress fit perfectly in an RV space, it also has a great balance of comfort and firmness that should appeal to a wide variety of sleep habits. A: If you feel like the mattress is too large for your RV bed and it doesn’t have a return policy, you could use either use an electric knife, utility knife, or heavy-duty scissors with the help of a drywall square to make a smooth and clean cut. It may take too long to expand to its full size when unpacked. You can always order a custom-made mattress if you don’t get the right size or if your bed is oddly shaped. Memory foam has an average lifespan of at least 10 years, and it doesn't lock in allergens, dust mites, and mold. The mattress measures 80 by 60 by 6 inches and is ideal for all types of sleepers. Specifically made for a motor home or camper trailer, it fits most mobile bed frames. Beware that some of these units expand unevenly, winding up taller in the center than at the sides. It may limit your access to the drawers on the bed. However, there are some slender pieces that tend to feel lumpy due to the coils, and the foam thins out with time. Our top pick for the best short queen RV mattress is theZinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam. Consider buying heavy-duty spring mattresses as they are long-lasting and can provide maximum comfort if well-ventilated. This Sleep Revolution mattress is fabricated using patented technology that allows the mattress to … The Dynasty mattress is a CertiPUR-US certified mattress that’s made up of 100-percent viscoelastic memory foam. The fiberglass is difficult to remove once it gets on your clothes, and you may inhale it, which is a health hazard. It’s an especially good choice for those of you who have aches and pains after waking up on a traditional mattress. One of its best-selling mattresses for a travel trailer is the Zinus Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam. They also hold in much more odor than we’d like—you’ll have to apply baking soda to this mattress reasonably often. Mastertex THE GRAND RV Short Queen Mattress Pad - Fitted, Hypoallergenic Camper Queen Mattress Cover 60x75. One of its best-selling RV queen mattresses is the DynastyMattress New Coolbreeze. This way, we offer genuine, accurate guides to help you find the best picks. Also, if you get one that’s been packaged for a while, there’s a chance it might give off a strong chemical smell. If you’re seeking out the best short queen mattresses made in the USA, you came to the right place! Short queen mattresses help address this problem as they can comfortably fit in a medium-sized or large RV. With latex foams choose a high-density one for sturdiness or a low-density mattress, which is often air-breathable, to keep your skin fresh as you sleep. Moreover, the mattress is expensive and may sag or sink in some areas with time. What is the difference between a queen and a short queen? The short queen mattress is a great solution for those trying to save space in the bedroom. Chinese manufacturers can put whatever they want in your mattress and the only requirement is that it passes federal flammability tests. CertiPur’s memory foam mattress is another thinner, less expensive mattress that’s perfect for most RVs. In fact, on cold nights, it can start out a bit too cold—we suggest getting a mattress cover for those seasons. It features a high-grade, two-layer construction made up of three inches of gel memory foam featuring Sleep Cool Technology and nine inches of polyurethane foam for maximum support for your core. 100% Made in the USA: Made by a 12 year veteran mattress supplier (that’s us!). Here are a few of the most common mattress types you have access to: We’re based in Colorado, but we ship mattresses to all 50 states including California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Massachusetts. As for the size, the mattress measures 75 by 60 by 12 inches and only weighs 70 pounds. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. Guardmax RV Queen Mattress Protector Bedbug Proof Waterproof Encasement (RV Short Queen 60x75) Sold by Right Choice Bedding. It’s built with the most breathable available ingredients, combining robust airflow with comfortable support for any sleeping position. It may also have limited sleeping space. All rights reserved. 3 LB GEL CUSTOM MEMORY FOAM MATTRESS TOPPER FOR RV’S, TRUCK, BOATS, AND MORE! However, it’s engineered with fire-retardant materials and provides comfort for a short-term rest. A major downside to the product is that it’s made of fiberglass, which may spread everywhere if you remove the covers. The top layer is 2.5 inches of memory foam, followed by a 7.5-inch layer of high-density foam for support. The cooling works as advertised, too. Top brands such as Beachcrest Home and Casper Sleep sell these mattresses because they know there is a need for this condensed version of the standard queen sized mattress. Moreover, if the mattress hangs over the edge of the bed platform, it may sag with time and start to feel uncomfortable around the area that supports your head and feet. The memory foam is body conforming to promote a peaceful night’s sleep, and it relieves your pressure points for maximum relaxation. Sold by Right Choice Bedding. Also, it’s not a firm short-queen mattress and may start to slim after only a year of use. What makes these so amazing? Do not unfold or unpackage the mattress before you get it into your RV. Dimension: 75 x 60 x 12 In. A short queen size mattress is between 5 inches to 6 inches smaller than a traditional queen size which measures 60×80″. (Pro Tip: Avoid Mattresses Made in China! It’s a comfortable and eco-friendly mattress that alleviates muscle and joint pain problems. It’s made of open-celled memory foam, which leads to a cooler sleeping experience than the closed-celled foam used in some other RV mattresses. We’ve seen mattresses made from cardboard, carpet padding, cheap fiber fill, and mattresses made using toxic flame retardants in their materials). It includes a motion isolation feature that comes in handy when you don’t want to feel the movements of a restless sleeping partner. It may also fail entirely to expand to its full size even when left unused for a couple of days. The best thing about its products is that they have a 30-day, hassle-free return policy, and they are backed by a 10-year warranty. Zinus 8 Inch Gel-Infused Green Tea Memory Foam Mattress / Cooling Gel Foam / Pressure Relieving … Serenia designs regular mattresses, RV specialty mattresses, and mattress toppers. A: It depends on the quality of the mattress and how often you use it. The company is headquartered in Irvine, Calif., and has operating warehouses in Kentucky, Missouri, California, and Pennsylvania where it sells its products directly to its customers. It eliminates pressure from your bones, muscles, and joints so that you wake up feeling relaxed and pain-free. $29.99. It’s made of the same synthetic material that’s typically used on sofa cushions, and it thins out faster than any other kind of mattress. Live and Sleep Resort Ultra | An Amazing Mattress for the Price. The mattress is engineered with a convoluted airflow system, which cools the mattress by redistributing your body heat to the rest of the mattress. This memory foam mattress from Classic Brands is thinner than some at only 8 inches, but if you don’t mind that, the savings are well worth it. 8" PARK MEADOW POCKETED COIL RV MATTRESS II, 8" LUXURY GEL FOAM RV MATTRESS W/ORGANIC COTTON. The three layers work together to cradle you without making you feel like you’re sinking. Give it a few days to air out if you notice that it’s taking too long to form into its full size. Short queen is an RV-friendly mattress constructed with … © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Acton Media Inc. All Rights Reserved. It’s also made in the USA if that’s important to you. 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