The rain gradually increases, building suspese, until Elizabeth and Brenner finally reveal themselves to Cady and Ty. Clara: Go. She thinks she brings us bad luck. What then? Clara: Tell me. The Doctor: Yeah. Yes! Clara: Because I think this village just declared war on them. I’m so sick of losing. The Doctor: You. Silence is even worse than a Scottish accent. The Doctor: Don’t worry, it’s just hungry. So now, if you don’t mind I’m going to go outside and wipe my boot on the grass. The Doctor: Hey. Are they safe? Go find Vikings on other planets. The weak and the young they’ll leave behind. Chuckles: Daughter. Ashildr: I don’t understand. Do you know what Odin looks like? Caught in the act. The Doctor: Suppose I saved it—by some miracle. I haven’t checked that yet. I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. So the question you need to as yourself is this: just how important is your reputation to you? This is my place. Beyond the unfolding of your smile, is there other kindness? Farmers. Will they be kind? Odin: I have no reason to fear you. Yes, she did. I believe. Clara: So this is an invasion. I’ll get in my box and I’ll run, and I’ll run. {Heidi suddenly comes to} Morning. The Doctor: Oh, dying is an ability, believe me. As would we all. The Doctor grabbing his glasses back: Oh. Clara: Okay, you’re shouting. Clara: Okay, explain. Sometimes people did this, closed their eyes for a few seconds and imagined it gave them insights into what it was like to be her. Odin: It is time to fight. You could always go zzzt and get rid of it… no? That won’t work, will it? Clara: You’re not a farmer. Clara: The ability? Fishermen. The Doctor: Yes, you're the very next thing on the list. Why? An army like yours, it lives or dies on its reputation, its story. Wait a minute. But the Philosians will be ready for them this time. The joy of war. A room without books is like a body without a soul. ZZ Top. The Doctor: Are you ready? And it will be spectacular. I’m the Doctor. I’m afraid. setting- takes place mostly in Bend and Portland Cady's love interest: Ty works at mcdonalds, was homeless for 3 months. You’re fine. The Doctor: My face. That’s all the help you’ll need. Alastair Parker  Barnaby Kay  David Schofield  Ian Conningham  Jenna Coleman  Maisie Williams  Murray McArthur  Peter Capaldi  Tom Stourton. 7 April Henry Quotes on Blind, Awesome and The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die - Ashildr: I pity you. Chuckles: No, wait. Odin: What is a god, but the cattle’s name for farmer? Is there nowhere like that for you? The Doctor: I told you that we were basically doomed. That’s not like you. The Doctor: I told you to run. When I say move, you move. The Doctor: No. It’s just lucky that nobody recorded that. You could help us, I know you could. The Doctor: No. You always miss it. Limpy: No. We will fight. Clara: How you’re gonna win. took in Cady when she needed it most. We have collected all of them and made stunning April Henry wallpapers & posters out of those quotes. Clara: So I’m not from around here. Clara: Okay. Chuckles: Not every misfortune that befalls this village is down to you. The Doctor: Every time we do something like this, I keep thinking, “What if something happens to you?” We're teenagers. Too much time travel. So what are you going to do, raise crops at them? Bipeds. The baby stopped crying. The Doctor: Look at you, with your eyes. So leave. In a way… she’s a hybrid. No swimming for a week. The Doctor: She. The Doctor: I think I know why I chose it. mystery boy. This Study Guide consists of approximately 59 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die. It’s just remembering in the wrong direction. Extracted from the finest warriors. It’s not. I knew that you would! It’s probably Viking’s saying. Oh yeah. My head is always full of stories. Clara: Okay. Clara: Well stop thinking about me and start thinking about them, because you’re missing something. Maybe even a tidal wave. Well she’ll see me often enough once she understands. The Doctor: Yes! If Kayla is alive, I wonder if she really wants to be. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. Act as if you know their plan and sometimes, if you’re very lucky, they’ll actually tell you it. Used her up like a battery. The Doctor: We’re going with the vikings. Start winning, Doctor. Only the first time you did it, you knocked a torch into some hay, which spooked a horse who kicked open the gate and, um, well then you can fill in the rest. This just in. And one day, the memory of that will hurt so much that I won’t be able to breathe, and I’ll do what I always do. The Doctor: I was angry, I was emotional. Help me! She might meet someone she can’t bear to lose. We decided against that. Ashildr: I’m scared. The Doctor: The Benny Hill theme, yes. Mother, I hear shouting. Or I could upload it to the galactic hub and get a second opinion. Only, at the end, they could still open their eyes and see. Your never-giving-up. Order our The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die Study Guide, teaching or studying The Girl Who Was Supposed to Die. {he hesitates and gives her an enthusiastic thumbs up} I’m not a hugger. The Doctor: Do you not recognize the sign of Odin! {the skies open up} The Doctor: Yeah. If we lose you too, they’ll be nothing left. And you want to know why? Hello. The Doctor: I’m not sure but it’s entirely possible she has lost the ability to die. Clara: Eels? So put down your sword, stop playing soldier and… look for it. What is heaven, but the gilded door of the abattoir? Ionhar/Chuckles (Ian Conningham): They went willingly to Valhalla. For example, when Cady and Ty are in the car with Elizabeth on the way to Cady’s house, it is raining. The Doctor: You could go. Weather in the novel foreshadows danger or trouble for the protagonists. The sky, the hills, the sea, the people. Clara: Which is? Chuckles: When’ll she need to take this? I think I know what I’m trying to say. The Doctor: That’s possible actually. Now. Clara: Yeah? Says the man with the fake face. The Doctor: The mighty armies of the Mire. I’m the Doctor. Here you will find all the famous April Henry quotes. Clara: You are a tidal wave. The Doctor: What? The Doctor: Well get a new one.

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