Otherwise, you should be good to go! Here are some photos of moldy Kombucha cultures. Normal Kombucha Yeast Floating in the Liquid and Under the SCOBY Surface His whole family gets these. I can see why a sanitary environment and a continuous feed container would simplify the process. Over checking your kombucha will disturb the fermentation process. Nobody likes to fail and the sight of fuzz on the brew is often intimidating for a moment. However, the biggest obstacle is constantly keeping up with changing the fermented tea out with the new sweet tea. To better understand, let’s review the brewing process. If you have any question or doubt, you can always submit a photo via the Contact Page for an opinion. Here are some photos of normal SCOBY formation and yeastie bits (and there are TONS more in the galleries right below!). That starter liquid is the key to protecting the culture from mold. Argggghhhhh! Cold brew - Continuously having your brew temperatures fall below 64 degrees will slow down the fermentation process. If you speak with people who have already begun brewing their own kombucha tea with kombucha cultures, they will tell you it is wonderful. In fact, the most literal translation of the Chinese characters for Kombucha might be “red mold tea.”. I made a very bizarre batch using lemon-ginger-tulsi tea along with pu-erh and some fresh lemon verbena leaves. Chances are that if you encounter mold, the person you received your Kombucha colony from did not properly care for their colonies, and even though the colony appeared healthy, it was already … What color is the mold? By Christmas the splits in his fingers by his cuticals had healed. What most people think is mold, is usually just yeast which is essential to the brewing process. Free shipping method will be determined by the type of product(s) purchased and is limited to the 48 contiguous states. We will then discuss the number one problem that experienced brewers don’t tell you with brewing and continuously drinking and bottling kombucha tea. Don’t get me started.). $40 is the least expensive I have found so far, and What spigots do your kits come with? Everything I needed to get brewing (except the vessel)… the support from Kombucha Kamp is fantastic, as is the forums on KomMunity. You’ll have to toss everything and start over with a fresh SCOBY and starter liquid. What do you notice about these pics? Did you know, 90% of what beginner brewers think is moldy kombucha, are actually tannins forming from the tea. Call us: 1-888-542-4448 !”, “I am set up with your continuous brew jug and making Kombucha again after many years. Oftentimes a newbie will mistake normal SCOBY formation or a stray tea leaf lodged in the SCOBY as mold. The local kombucha circle thinks that using a plastic spigot would be bad for the Scoby and myself. Join our exclusive brewing community for answers to all your specific kombucha questions! Where is the mold located? Yet this fear is mostly unfounded as Kombucha mold is extremely rare. Once you placed your SCOBY, Sweet Tea Solution, and Starter Tea in your brewer, give it some quite time for at least 5 days. Is the water clean? The symbiotic nature of kombucha actually PROTECTS your SCOBY from mold by creating an environment too acidic for other microbes to survive in (which generally takes 3 days, so if you’re mold free after day 3, you’re in the clear)! So I really want to start continous brewing. You can … Hi Ron! The words alone strike terror into the heart of any newbie Kombucha brewer. We also ship international and work with UPS and USPS to provided the discounted international shipping!. Despite growing what might look like a healthy SCOBY after removing the moldy one, the brew is still contaminated and you could get sick if you drink it! Now, is this little bit of plastic (unsure of plastic being food grade) going to affect the health of Scoby? We will also pay the return postage if the return is a result of our error. There is definitely no need to fear mold – or new SCOBY formation. If you can commit to do this with every batch you should be fine.

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