Sell and consign your art with Artsy. We specialize in buying and selling original vintage and contemporary animation art from Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, Hanna Barbera, Peanuts, Linda Jones Enterprises and other animation studios. I am known by virtually every major collector and auction house for my knowledge, experience, and love of this art form. Why Choose Wonderful World of Animation to Sell Your art? In this production cel, we see the Ghost of Christmas Past, also known as Jiminy Cricket. As seen in this print, Mr. Brainwash uses elements from pop art’s past and raw components of his street art beginnings. Cat got your tongue?”. Do you have original animation art, production cels, key master set-ups, concept art, Walt Disney illustrations, classic comic books or other animation items? He also makes a brief cameo in Flubber, along with Grumpy and Sleepy, appearing on Weebo the Robot's video monitor. We understand the market for your valued collectibles, and maintain a superior clientele who’ll buy it at a price you won’t get anywhere else. RR Auction has been helping people share and obtain collectibles since 1976, and we have the international following to help you, too. Aquaman is signed and numbered in pencil in margins, with the artist's thumbprint and date verso. In addition to the items shown above, past animation sales success has included: Ready to sell animation art? Say you sell it for $5, you will only need 2000 views to get to that $10,000 figure we talked about earlier. Art Brokerage is the first online fine art brokerage. But that also means you’ll have to get 2000 people to buy your film, which isn’t an easy task, especially if you haven’t spent time building an audience. Say you sell it for $5, you will only need 2000 views to … Email us with the art you wish to sell. Since childhood, Harry has loved animation and has met many of his heroes and the legends of the craft, including William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Walter Lantz, Jay Ward, and dozens more of the biggest names in animation. Since childhood, Harry has loved animation and has met many of his heroes and the legends of the craft, including William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, Chuck Jones, Friz Freleng, Walter Lantz, Jay Ward, and dozens more of the biggest names in animation. He once stated that this power relied more on encouraging and compelling the subject rather than full control, citing piranha as a species he has trouble commanding under any circumstances due to their ruthlessness and hunger. Many thought demand for animation art had petered out after a boom in the 1980s. His signature move is to cover his red face beneath his long beard in between giggling and shy chuckles. Selling your short. Film critic Leonard Maltin said that rather than being “a pale attempt to imitate the past”, the film is “cleverly written, well staged, and animated with real spirit and a sense of fun.”, We are pleased to offer a production cel of Jiminy Cricket from Mickey’s Christmas Carol on color copy background. From one piece of art to thousands of pieces. This funny little black & white film has a plot that's largely driven by its music: Mickey, Minnie and the entire menagerie dance around frantically to the soundtrack until the climax of Beppo taking Minnie hostage on top of boxes resembling the Empire State Building. File size must be below 10MB and be a jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif, or pdf. Auction Houses. Art - The easiest way to buy and sell art online safely! Just about everyone can relate to cartoons. (cels, lobby cards, some reproductions) It's a mixed bag - some disney, some warner bros - probably about 10 pieces total. Bashful is a romantic who adores the idea of true love. Remarkable Rarities Sept. 21 Live. You found us easily, so do the collectors! Production Cel on Courvoisier Background of Bashful. Recent highlights from auctions of Disney animation art, according to Lentz, include $33,460 paid for a single cel from the 1955 classic “Lady and the … The effect is quite powerful and energetic. Just want to know your animation cel value or get an animation cel appraisal? View All Fine Art; Drawings (3684) Fine Art - General (447) Mixed Media Art (2689) Paintings (18644) Photography (3043) Posters (1439) Prints (16038) Sculptures (5361) Decorative Art. Own a piece of animation history today! We pride ourselves on offering Rare and Remarkable items and superlative customer service. Join us! The Ghost of Christmas Past is the first of the three spirits (after the visitation by Jacob Marley (aka Goofy), to haunt Ebenezer Scrooge. As much as you might despise the 3d clip art your boss includes in the monthly newsletter - stock images sell. As an adult, Harry has accumulated, bought and sold an impressive collection of animation memorabilia that’s incredible in its breadth and rarity. Look no further than Animation Sensations for the best, most professional animation gallery found anywhere in the world! Modern comic book depictions have attempted to reconcile these various aspects of his public perception, with many versions often casting Aquaman as serious and brooding, saddled with an ill reputation, and struggling to find a true role and purpose beyond his public side as a deposed king and a fallen hero. The short then turns into a nice spoof of King Kong, also released that year 1933, with Minnie as Fay Wray and Beppo the Gorilla as King Kong. Unfortunately Beppo the Gorilla escapes from his cage and kidnaps Minnie Mouse. Our 5000 square foot physical gallery is located in Culver City (Los Angeles) and we have the number one animation website in the world. Whether you have one item or an entire collection, RR Auction will help you attain top dollar when you’re ready to sell. Mr. Brainwash has createed a compelling new look at the iconic character that any comic book fan would love. Scrooge and the ghost visit his time as an employee under Fezziwig (Mr. Toad). Arise, Sir Jiminy Cricket.” It is clear to see why Jiminy Cricket was chosen for The Ghost of Christmas Past -- both characters are lights illuminating the truth. been a world leading Animation Art Gallery since 1989. Sell stock images. Artists. We are selling animation art and have specialized in vintage Disney animation art for more than 40 years. Original production cels of the Evil Queen, Draw upon our success: Sell animation with RR Auction, is a passionate fan of the art of illustration. Our dominating web presence means your art will be seen by thousands of visitors daily. Fine Art. Many other Disney characters, such as Jiminy Cricket from Pinocchio (1940), and those primarily from the Mickey Mouse universe, Robin Hood (1973), and The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (1949), were cast throughout the film. Mickey Mouse's new job at Tony's Pet Store is jeopardized when Beppo the Gorilla escapes. A distraught Scrooge dismisses the Ghost as he returns to the present, lamenting his past actions. Selling your gallery or even a studio selling off an entire production - Premier Animation will buy it. RR’s Animation expert: Harry Kleiman. We are pleased to offer a Walt Disney Production Cel on Courvoisier Background of Bashful from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

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