2, the left-hand ordinate). The lattice parameters are: a =0.266 nm, c = 0.495 nm. We have reported on the results of an investigation of the damping of longitudinal and shear hyperacoustic waves in Al/ZnO/Al/ZnO/YAG structures (lutetium-doped yttrium–aluminum garnet) based on ZnO piezo-active films with straight and inclined textures, which are synthesized at substrate temperatures T ≈ 25–400°C in an unbalanced planar magnetron sputtering system. chamber. Fiz. Towards an (2007)]. The influence of a semiconductor microcavity on the phonon-assisted Results of ellipsometric studies of nanoparticles in thin film form for the determinations of various optical constants like band gap, absorption coefficient, extinction coefficient, refractive indices etc., and their variation with wavelength are presented. Copyright © 2020 Elsevier B.V. or its licensors or contributors. doses ranging from 3 × 1014 to 3 × 1017 ion/cm2 are studied. ab initio Typically, BN crystals with wurtzite symmetry are very 282 (2000)]. From the results of calculating lattice constants, a0 and c0, it was found that the value of c0 in hexagonal structure increased with the increase in the oxidizability of atmosphere. Immediate online access to all issues from 2019. as two interpenetrating fcc lattices, one for sulphur the other for zinc, In [2], such an approach was. Eng. In these, conditions, the energy of atoms knocked out of the tar-, Further experiments were aimed at finding the, reflecting interface between two layers of modified zinc, oxide synthesized at different values of the mean free, path. Am. Level J. Inorg. crystal has a basal lattice parameter, a = 0.233 nm and c/a = 1.63. L. R. Beuchat, J. The BNw phase is metastable under all conditions. Lattice constant. temperature dependence of the conductivity; however, the hopping mechanism of charge transport remains unchanged. Tekh. those Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. In addition, it was shown in a number of studies that the properties of the materials synthesized depend on the pressure during their growth. It is seen that, as the lattice constant along, axis increases, the refractive index for the gi, oxides tends to decrease, as in the case of modified, ZnO. + Doping of phosphorus as an impurity was confirmed from EDX spectra and XPS studies. Under certain concentration of recombining d M. Zhou, Z. Diwu, N. Panchuk-Voloshina and R. P. Haugland, Anal. Learn more. 5 Furthermore in recent years, with the wide development of the lasers, there has been a great effort on a new field which is known under the title of “integrated optics”. J. Sawai, H. Kojima, H. Igarashi, A. Hashimoto, S. Shoji, A. Takehara, T. Sawaki, T. Kokugan and M. Shimizu, ibid. Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Saratov Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, —The crystallographic and optical properties of ZnO films obtained in the recombination burning, axis is found. elastic waves. The results presented here seem to be a leap forward in, In closing, synthesis in the zone of recombination, burning makes it possible to produce materials with, radically new properties without changing the material, composition. The project assumes work on four main directions: 29 (1996) 627. Proper phase formation was confirmed by X-ray diffraction analysis. A. 2. Solids D. Goeckeritz, F. Friedrich and M. Yahya, Pharmazie Perspective models of new microwave and millimeter vacuum electronics systems elaborated during project can possibly find further applications in high-tech industries, as well as the development of new technological solutions in information and telecommunication systems, multipurpose radar systems, remote tropospheric and space communications, modern electronic warfare systems. The possibility of forming piezo-active ZnO films with a straight or inclined texture that can operate as acoustic transducers for generating longitudinal and shear hypersonic waves in a frequency range of up to 18 GHz has been demonstrated earlier in [3,4]. The influence of the working-gas pressure on the properties of thin silicon films synthesized by dc magnetron sputtering is investigated. The A chaotic character of lasing spectra was observed and partially analyzed. Food Microbiol. Reactions A. Veselov, et al., Pis'ma Development of the beam-optics systems providing formation of electron beams with a high density and their transportation on necessary distance. Mater. 52, 663 Notes on the properties of Zinc: Specific Heat: Value given for solid phase. integrated phonon-sideband intensity saturates. Food Prot. Google Scholar. At room temperature the metal has the hexagonal close packed crystal structure. Increasing of output power of THz-band devices by using the spatially developed electron beams and electromagnetic structures. The successful implementation of the project is based on the close cooperation of research teams from India and Russia. This subject has been studied by several people, particularly in the last decade, since the use of thin films in optics has many and varied applications. diffraction, respectively. The field is very vast as one can imagine from the examples listed above and therfore it is not possible to cover it in this paper. The pressure in the chamber, substrate temperature was no higher than 100, 1-mm-thick microscope slide with a refractive index of, 1.57 was used as a substrate. Brillouin zone of the face centered cubic lattice, the Bravais lattice PubMed  It is established that the efficiency of hypersound generation (at a frequency above 1 GHz) in ZnO films deposited under these conditions increases. Dependence of the piezoactivity of zinc oxide films on the conditions of synthesis in critical regimes of glow discharge, Damping of longitudinal and shear acoustic waves in a structure with ZnO films with straight and inclined textures, Properties of silicon films grown under different pressures in a plasma-forming system, Spectroscopic Ellipsometric Studies on the Optical Properties of Phosphorus Doped Nanocrystalline NiO Thin Films, Size-Dependant Optical Properties of Nanoparticles Analyzed by Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Enhancement of the phonon-sideband luminescence in semiconductor microcavities, Properties of Permalloy Films Produced in Low-Temperature Plasma Flows with a Controlled Composition, Tunable, Flexible Antireflection Layer of ZnO Nanowires Embedded in PDMS, Zinc oxide molecules and clusters formed in a quasiclosed volume of reactive gas-discharge plasma, Effect of copper ion implantation on the optical properties and low-temperature conductivity of carbon films, Structure and properties of zinc oxide films deposited in the recombination burning zone of a low-temperature plasma, Powerful miniaturized vacuum electron sources of coherent THz radiation, Resistive thin-film coatings as an alternative to classical slow wave systems for amplifiers of mm and sub-mm wavelength ranges, Implant system for remote electrostimulation of peripheral nerves, Investigation of ion-focusing mechanism based sheet beam driven sub-THz source for high power NDE application (the cooperative project of Russian Foundation for Basic Research # 19-58-45040 and DST # INT/RUS/RFBR/381), Hexagonal Crown-Capped Zinc Oxide Micro Rods: Hydrothermal Growth and Formation Mechanism, Intense white photoluminescence in ZnO thin film formed by anodization, Characteristic properties of ZnO random laser pumped by nanosecond pulses, Luminescence of ZnO monocrystals at excitation by streamer discharges and laser radiation. properties, and optical, electrooptical, and piezoelectric parameters of D. G. Thomas, J. Phys. Its main goals are the design and construction of compact optical systems having the properties of some logical circuits that, until now, have been made with the technology of the integrated electronics. Eng. Optical constants were determined and refractive indices were found to increase with increase of phosphorus doping percentages. O. Yamamoto, T. Fukuda, M. Kimata, J. Sawai and T. Sasamoto, ibid. Subscription will auto renew annually. R. Tauxe, H. Kruse, C. Hedberg, M. Potter, J. Madden and K. Wachsmuth, ibid. growth. Jpn BNhex is stable under normal conditions. 3 (1957) 229. graphite is known for more than a century. Lett. The threshold values of the pumping energy density occurred higher than, A method has been developed for complex heat treatment of ZnO crystals, which aids in cleaning them of impurities, enhancing their resistivity, and creating the conditions for initiating streamer discharges. O. Yamamoto, Int. ... Each mixed phase whose composition is given by a point on this line has this respective lattice constant. Tax calculation will be finalised during checkout. personal use, therefore evidently fit the field chosen. The crystallographic and optical properties of ZnO films obtained in the recombination burning zone of a low-temperature plasma are investigated. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work.

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